Agilent Technologies

“We have a responsibility beyond making a profit”, according to Mike Millen, the company president and CEO of Agilent Technologies, Inc

In the constantly evolving world of Laboratory Management Information Systems, companies providing LIMS solutions compete to offer the best quality services and systems. While many such companies adopt new models to integrate a pandemic-friendly strategy, Agilent remains sure of itself. 

Being in place for a mere 20 young years, Agilent Technologies has earned hundreds of awards and received many patents for research. Their work culture encourages integrity, innovation, trust, and teamwork. “We value speed, focus, and accountability to meet our customer’s needs”, says Mr. Mike Millen. “We trust our brands to provide precision, performance, reliability, and insight into our customers’ doubts and demands.” 

With more than 30 years of industry experience, Mike Millen transformed the business and brought in leading growth and profits. The builder of the Agilent CrossLab Group is recognized for his determined and captivating leadership. Establishing and augmenting business internationally, the CEO has an exceptional vision for the future of the company. Beginning merely as a financial analyst, he has revolutionized the work environment and contributions towards their mission statement since March 2015, when he was appointed CEO.

However, in the rush to progress and celebrate man’s advances, it is important to also consider the consequences of our innovations and technologies. The world of science cannot truly progress without pausing to acknowledge and rehabilitate structures deterred by our wastes. A company like Agilent, that values nature, sustainability, and people, cannot help but emerge as one of the best companies to watch out for in a world plunging towards complete globalization. 

By achieving milestone growth numbers and fulfilling key UN Sustainable Development Goals, Mike Millen was deservingly listed in Forbes’ list of the World Best Employers and Barron’s 100 Most Sustainable Companies. 

With more than 20 regional hubs, this LIMS company increases its green footprint globally. Spread over 110 countries, they offer expertise in the following six markets, all the while maintaining their key objective of fostering and promoting sustainability through their services:

  • Food: working with government regulations and labs controlling food safety to ensure contaminant-free food supply 
  • Pharmaceuticals: Drug development, manufacturing, and quality control
  • Diagnostics: Diagnosing samples for medical institutions for quick and effective treatment
  • Research: Supporting research at universities through instruments, software, and solution preparation
  • Environmental and Forensics: monitoring contaminants in the environment and ensuring fairness in sports activities
  • Chemical and Energy: acquiring fuels using cost-effective methods 


Agilent is a one-stop solution for establishments wanting to externalize laboratory operations, providing a range of on-site services, analytical instrument services, vacuum product services, and financial services. 

Agilent Research Laboratories

To create competitive differentiation of products in the market and a wide range of options for healthcare facilities, Agilent trains and hires talented minds to collaboratively lead multidisciplinary research and development projects. In the aim to encourage and facilitate future scientific breakthroughs, these research labs develop technologies and applications, with Personalized Medicine and Synthetic Biology being their main current focus.

Agilent Brands

The three Agilent brands symbolize precision, performance, reliability, and insight behind their products and services. The most critical and complex questions are trusted to be resolved by:

  • Agilent CrossLab
  • Agilent Dako
  • Agilent OpenLab

Additionally, their Product, Technology, and Solution brands offer a range of expert guidance, provided with high-value customer experience.  

Having acquired over 8 companies and having donated more than 9 million dollars through the Agilent Foundation, the company has created an impression for itself as not just a company, but a community determined to offer futuristic products and services with a green mindset. One of their most creative methods of achieving their sustainable development goals is encouraging employees to bike to work. 

They have adopted environment-friendly product and packaging solutions, and also push their suppliers to do the same. The company integrates diverse, less-abled professionals to further their mission of creating an all-inclusive, green community of experts.  

Amidst the pandemic, as companies struggle with being able to capture the market through new strategies, and take their time to adapt to different work models, Agilent Technologies, Inc. holds their ground with unflinching certainty. Having used the Dako Virtual Reality solution since 2018 to reduce travel and time, which allows their customers to test out services from start to finish, they coped with the changes in the professional world with confidence and pride.

With its current headquarters in Santa Clara, United States, the company bases its operations on trust, communication, and deliverance of promised services. Its emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility makes it one of the most unique companies in the world of science and technology. It would be wrong to say that they go out of their way to support social and environmental causes, for encouraging sustainable development is their way of growing as one of the leading LIMS companies.

Taking up a part of an extremely technical business sector, the company recognizes the role of customer service and client relations. They help their customers receive superior results in their laboratories by offering differentiated outcomes and innovative solutions. Their comprehensive security approach makes confidentiality a top priority. 

But what sets the company up for success in the long-run, is that while Agilent does help other laboratories further research, they also themselves own more than 2000 patents worldwide, some of which are crucial in cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment. When these patents expire, Agilent encourages others to use their technologies for new inventions and applications.

When you care about people, you have a far-reaching responsibility. To work with integrity, is to always aim to do the right thing, and this is the principle mission that Agilent follows

Agilent recognizes the role of a LIMS company as one with the responsibility to drive research, development, and application forward. The motive is to first help others and then ourselves. 

As is wisely said, a company is only as successful as its employees. Their integration of automation does not threaten their employees, who are confident of their intellectual value and contribution to the company. 

Agilent respects and rewards their employees for making it all happen, acting like owners with positive urgency

Agilent’s mantra of ‘No one left behind’ aims to encourage employees to double their outcomes within the next three years, using the same number of people.

Special training is provided to their employees at all skill levels allowing them to adopt new technologies, rather than be apprehensive about them. By doing this, they facilitate the union of man and machine to further advancement and create a sustainable symbiotic relationship between the two. 

The machines handle the repetitive and tedious tasks, while the employees solve more complex challenges and use their creativity at critical thinking tasks. This has increased their productivity and brought them closer to achieving their goal. It is no wonder that the company has emerged as one of the leaders of the market as it optimizes employee skills and depends on automation for its true purpose; making man’s life easier, rather than threatening job security.

A company that promises to offer customized solutions to complex problems, must have no dearth of creativity, originality, and determination. Their method of generating new ideas has always functioned past physical barriers. 

Future Labs by Agilent is an online site that works as a think tank, encouraging employees to interact with crowds and potential customers to enhance technologies and improve services. Their work floor thus transcends the boundaries of traditional LIMS companies, creating an international community of driven individuals. 

Through their webinars, the company discusses updates and advancements in the field of science and their applicabilities in healthcare services. They also allow customers to update their information and learn from professionals about future opportunities. The webinars allow the implementation of improved processes and management techniques for laboratories. 

Not only do their employees work hard to meet customer requirements, but Agilent also provides easy access to their services by providing ready-to-use online shopping options, e-subscriptions, and e-renewals, with flexible plans and personalized special assistance. By putting their customers in control, Agilent services come with ultimate flexibility and customizable options, making them the ideal laboratory partner. 

Agilent has made its presence felt in the world of science, humanity, and business. A company that applies goodwill and focuses on integrity is in all aspects a reflection of their functioning, and they have built a rapport with customers to innovate new facilities used towards support and progress in human rights and environmental issues. Their work is now, but their vision is the future.