AHEAD – We Accelerate the Impact of Technology on Business

Digital transformation in today’s age is synonymous with business success. Understanding market trends, equipping the latest technologies, and strategizing form the core of a successful business. As one of the leading CISCO solution providers, AHEAD arms its clients with innovative solutions and support to deliver exceptional user experiences, help them adapt to digitalization, and unlock efficiency, productivity, and high performance. In its pursuit to make digital transformation easier, AHEAD empowers enterprises and accelerates their progress to achieve impactful and sustainable results.

With data infrastructure knowledge and expertise in its arsenal, AHEAD stays ahead of the curve by combating challenges faced in the digital landscape. AHEAD’s cloud, data management, security, and automation solutions make it a reliable support for organizations worldwide.

AHEAD believes in modernizing IT infrastructure. The company enables seamless cloud transformation, migration, security, and FinOps for Cloud to help workloads and applications run more efficiently. AHEAD assists clients in architecting, transferring, and deploying workloads across hyper-scales, data centers, and edge sources to improve flexibility, adaptability, and scalability.

Digital engineering is an integral component of all organizational operations. Every company requires a robust digital engineering system to make informed, data-driven decisions, enable traceability across the entire infrastructure, receive real-time updates, automate document generation, storage, and retrieval, and embed cybersecurity protocols. AHEAD’s approach to digital engineering leverages culture, tools, and processes to continuously drive software upgradation, simplify complex functions, and provide end-to-end solutions for accelerated digital system development when paired with automation and enterprise cloud features.

What sets AHEAD apart is its ability to devise and deliver tailored engineered solutions in this customer-first environment. AHEAD deploys technology compatible with companies’ devices and needs, whether they run applications in data centers, in the cloud, or edge systems.

AHEAD is championing the move toward designing tailored, purpose-built hardware that is integrated and developed according to specific technological requirements and complexities of IT and OT ecosystems.

Founded in 2007, AHEAD is a data and analytics vanguard. From precision medicine research to managing and optimizing supply chains, AHEAD oversees the data requirements of each client and assists them in harnessing the potential of that data into productive output. The company creates and delivers modern data platforms with valuable insights, advanced dashboards, and compelling ML solutions.

Digital transformation can be a painful, complicated process for businesses. There are so many legacy applications that need to be addressed. That’s where we help. — Daniel Adamany, CEO

As a trusted CISCO solution provider, AHEAD offers enterprise networking solutions, support, and resources. It uses CISCO EN solutions to optimize access to cloud applications, a mobile support system, and the Internet of Things (IoT) for enhanced scalability, providing users with 360-degree visibility, network security, and simplified network navigation.

AHEAD also provides business applications, data analytics, desktop virtualization, and cloud assistance with zero or minimal downtime using proven data center solutions. It delivers dynamic scalability, simplified management, and streamlined functions while improving flexibility and interoperability, building a programmable infrastructure on open standards, and reducing risks and costs.

Furthermore, AHEAD goes the extra mile to strengthen data, network, and cybersecurity by increasing protection against threats and boosting cyber resilience. AHEAD combines its expertise with CISCO Secure to increase threat visibility, generate data intelligence, and allow third-party solution integration. The company also deploys converged infrastructure stacks quickly and effectively while reducing overall costs and customizing infrastructure stacks using PODs.

AHEAD has continuously extended its solutions and support to enterprises worldwide, regardless of business size or industry. One of AHEAD’s clients, an energy transformation company that provides natural gas and electricity to millions of residents, used smart meters to calculate total household energy consumption and generate energy bills. However, the measurement systems were experiencing frequent downtimes, and it was challenging to identify the source of the problem.

AHEAD implemented AppDynamics to monitor and enhance critical application performances, including dashboards comprising applications and business owners’ data and insights. AHEAD also enabled integration with ServiceNow to accelerate incident response and minimize outages, helping the company monitor strategy and metrics, prevent downtimes, and improve user experiences using real-time data and visibility.