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Today’s business landscape is characterized by constant disruption, which is affecting organizational operations. In a time when disruptions is the new normal and it will continue to accelerate at an exponential rate, AidenAI emerges as a beacon of innovation. As a leading AI-powered low-code/no-code end-to-end digital consulting company, AidenAI is modernizing complex legacy tech estates, automating operations, and crafting unique digital experiences. The proprietary AiDAP (Aiden Digital Acceleration Platform) is at the heart of AidenAI’s operations, accelerating digital transformation and increasing the adoption of low-code platforms

AidenAI stands tall amidst the evolving landscape of low-code led digital transformation, leveraging cutting-edge trends to offer a unique value proposition. The democratization of low-code platforms is a key trend, and AidenAI leads the charge with its IndX offering—an array of AI-infused, pre-built end-to-end industry solutions. IndX slashes time-to-market for clients by an impressive 65%, enabling swift configuration and go-live within 8-12 weeks.

AidenAI anticipates and embraces the rising adoption of AI and machine learning in low-code development. Two critical modules within the AiDAP platform integrate AI seamlessly into digital transformation processes: aidenTechD automates customer migration from legacy to modern cloud-native platforms, while aidenTX generates test data and functional test scripts using AI. This infusion of AI empowers app development and test automation processes to learn and evolve.

Complementing this democratization effort are additional accelerators. The Figma to App Builder accelerator seamlessly translates Figma designs into functional applications on Low-Code platforms, eliminating the need for coding. Meanwhile, the Excel Dictionary to App Builder simplifies the transition for business users accustomed to creating data dictionaries and process sets in Excel sheets by automatically generating the application’s framework. Together, these accelerators empower business stakeholders to become Citizen Developers.

AidenAI is a trusted partner for leading financial services and insurance clients. AidenAI caters to industry-specific low-code platforms by building out-point solutions on low-code platforms to accelerate time to value and improve speed to market through strategic partnership with platforms like Unqork.

AidenAI also assists its clients through their strategic partnerships with InsureMO, Eigen and Parsec.

With a steadfast dedication to customer-centric principles, AidenAI actively engages with and resolves key user challenges. As the demand for faster time-to-market and the pressing issue of rising technical debt continue to escalate, our innovative solution, AiDAP, stands at the forefront. AiDAP seamlessly facilitates the migration of legacy platforms to cloud-native architectures, bypassing the need for extensive refactoring. Leveraging the power of low code, APIs, and microservices, AiDAP propels platforms forward by an impressive 60%, effectively reducing technical debt and ensuring swift deployment of new tools in today’s digital landscape. AidenAI empowers organizations to navigate modernization with confidence and agility, paving the way for sustained innovation and growth.

We want help our clients modernize their legacy tech estates, Accelerate digital and build unique digital experiences by harnessing the power of GenAI and low code powered Digital Acceleration Platform – AIDAP™. — Srini Kamadi, Founder & CEO

Addressing queries regarding cost-reduction challenges to serve end customers, AidenAI offers Aiden IndX, a platform with in-built industry-tailored solutions that speed up end-to-end transformations by 35-40%. These include focused solutions specifically for Insurance, Financial Services and Healthcare. Underwriting Workbench, Claims Workbench, Institutional Client Onboarding are a few examples. AidenAI also collaborates with partner companies for AI and analytics integration to provide personalized experiences and guarantee superior experience across channels.

AidenAI’s AiDAP stands at the centre of the digital revolution. With advanced modules pushing the boundaries of innovation, AidenAI refines the entire implementation process by accelerating time and reducing costs across each phase.

The aidenTechD module encompasses applied AI for technical debt reduction and automatically migrating data, processes, and workflows from legacy systems to cloud-native, API- and microservices-driven low-code platforms. When applied to the legacy modernization phase of the implementation cycle, this product ensures 50-60% automation of legacy migration without rewriting applications.

The design phase of the implementation cycle is overseen by aidenFAB, a ready-to-use AI-led integration platform comprising plugins and accelerators for various tools, and AidenHX, software to enhance user experience using foundational components that complement platform capabilities. Together, the two modules scale modular designs with 35% reusability.

The AidenIndx module consists of prebuilt Lite weight industry solutions like Underwriting Workbench and Client Onboarding Solutions, which reduce the market time during the development stage by 25-40%. AidenAI also uses its AidenTX module, an AI-driven model-based validation platform that reduces the implementation time by 40% during the quality assurance phase. Finally, for the run business, the AidenOPS product uses intelligent operations and maintenance to improve platform performance and resilience using intuitive prompt-based reports, track and trace tools, and a self-healing feature.

Along with its dynamic low-code development products, AidenAI offers digital consulting services, such as consulting and advisory services and tech modernization. It also provides platform services, such as a digital acceleration platform and an industry-specific framework, to revolutionize the low-code development arena.

AidenAI’s products, services, and solutions have made a significant impact throughout the industry. In just 14 weeks, the company helped a mutual fund carrier build a modern intake-to-selection process with contextualized email delivery functionality, leading to a 60% increase in market time. AidenAI also assisted a top insurer in driving end-to-end solutions to digitize intake, quote, bind, issue for underwriter workflows, and optimize the customer, agent, and underwriter experience, resulting in a 90% reduction in quotation time for new policies.