Alation – Enterprise Data Catalog & Data Governance

As one of the leading data analytics companies, Alation believes in reforming the sphere of data collection and analysis. Acquiring and organizing data forms the foundation of every enterprise, and Alation strives to help companies build an efficient data culture. With a passion for revolutionizing the data intelligence landscape, Alation offers its clients and users an extensive and modern data catalog to store, find, understand, and study data.

Every project and company requires data to function, regardless of size and industry. However, analyzing an influx of datasets can be challenging and overwhelming in a day and age where data is central to most operations. Unattainable and inaccessible data hinders companies from making quick and productive decisions, as most decisions depend on the available information.

Since its launch in 2012, Alation has developed an impressive portfolio after handling and analyzing data for various enterprises and sectors. Alation has worked with 34 industries, including finance, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, technology, and the public sector and over four hundred customers. With the help of data experts, the company has studied and organized more than 355 million datasets and objects using self-service analytics, data governance, and cloud data migration.

Various obstacles affect the current data intelligence landscape, such as unorganized data synchronization, lack of data analysis professionals and specialists, transferring and compiling vast volumes of data, migrating to cloud-based platforms, and challenges in data security and privacy. Keeping the primary concerns of data intelligence companies at the forefront, Alation has designed and provided new and innovative solutions to solve these challenges and make data analysis quick and effective.

These problems of both discovering data and understanding data are just getting more and more and more and more complicated, and in a world where data is sort of the power that runs the world, it is impossible to get by without something helping you navigate that landscape,” said Satyen Sangani, CEO and Co-founder of Alation.

The Redwood, California-based company has extended its services to over 32 countries to make data analysis seamless and accessible for them. Alation’s data governance solution eliminates the piling data sprawl and the lack of resources to manage it. Using data is a continuous process of collecting, organizing, and polishing it. With the help of data governance solutions, Alation created a data governance application that provides a central platform to automate and manage policies, workflow, and multiple activities. Alation classifies and curates data to enhance data asset visibility, reduce time-consuming tasks, and implement a centralized data organization approach.

With the help of its self-service business intelligence model, Alation assists businesses in making decisions swiftly and effectively. Alation employs data scientists and experts to find reliable data that fixes the data value chain, accelerates data discovery, boosts data efficiency, prevents IT bottleneck, and develops new strategies to create new data IP.

Alation believes in helping companies evolve and keep in touch with new advancements and insights. Enterprises are migrating to cloud-based platforms for a speedier and more efficient workflow. Alation has designed cloud migration solutions, such as cloud data migration, management, and CDMC, to reduce risks, improve cloud-cost optimization, and boost marketing time to ensure regulatory compliance.

Alation’s data catalog product enhances productivity, generates accurate analysis results, and enables companies to make confident and beneficial data-driven decisions. This product boosts productivity using behavioral intelligence and machine learning that maintains a log of various data sources, such as relational databases, file systems, and cloud data lakes. The data log accelerates seamless collaboration across multiple platforms and servers, integrates information, provides guided navigation, and organizes data using a business-centric approach.

Another Alation product that aims to transform the data intelligence sphere is its data source connectors. Alation’s connectors speed up the time to gain insights and data intelligence reports across the company and increase connectivity to additional data points using the Open Connector Framework SDK. Alation’s catalog platform is an open and central medium that supports metadata management applications that enable searching data, allowing data governance. Its data governance app provides customers with a modern and simplified platform to organize and secure data in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Alation has extended its services, products, and solutions to various enterprises to enhance their data analysis processes. For instance, one of Alation’s clients, MercadoLibre, is Latin America’s largest e-commerce platform. Using Alation’s data catalog, MercadoLibre seamlessly discovered and analyzed data and equipped over 7,500 employees with self-service analytic tools.