Alice – Hotel Operations Software | Hotel Task Management Software

As a leading provider of hospitality technology, ALICE aims to transform the way operations function so hotels can deliver top-notch services to their guests. With their powerful software suite, they encourage hotels to embrace technology in order to streamline their workflow and fulfill guest requirements. As a hotel is a composite of several interconnected departments, communication is subject to human error. ALICE’s hospitality software simplifies intra- and interdepartmental communication.

A dedicated, specialized platform for hotel staff and management promotes organization and efficiency. Casual chat apps and even professional collaboration platforms lack pre-configured features for hotel management. When individuals and teams see their tasks laid out systematically, their productivity and work ethic will improve.

Hotels stay ahead or afloat in the competitive hospitality industry by monitoring qualitative and quantitative data. Collecting, computing, and sharing data can be a time-consuming task. However, ALICE’s inbuilt insights tool allows team leaders, heads of departments, and managers to access quantitative data. These analytics enable people and teams to practice accountability and understand their contributions and performance. At the macro level, these data influence better decision-making in terms of resource mobilization, goal planning, and budget allocation.

ALICE has six department-specific products. Front of House facilitates communication between concierges and guests, records guests’ preferences, maintains profiles, and tracks requests. Housekeeping has recorded an 83% time reduction in room assignments. Room assignment tracking and room status updates are essential to decreasing wait time. Maintenance & Engineering averts hefty expenditures through systematic, live updates on assets on the entire property. Staff can organize and prioritize tickets, access and update maintenance checklists, and input daily readings. Service Delivery facilitates contactless fulfillment of guest requests. Service Delivery breaks down the walls between siloed departments and encourages cross-team bonding to guarantee consistent and timely completion of services. Guest Services equips the front office to manage complaints, manage lost and found items, develop itineraries, and track guest packages to deliver a memorable experience. With Guest Messaging, the hotel can compose, schedule, and dispatch automated, broadcast, and direct messages to guests to personalize their stay.

“We went from three people working in a living room to a global team with the world’s leading hotel brands trusting us to run their operations. This whole process has been an unparalleled learning experience and it’s due to so many incredible people we had the honor of working with,” says Dmitry Koltunov, the Co-founder of ALICE.

The company, based in New York, USA, received awards for the Best Housekeeping Software and Best Housekeeping Software at the 2022 HotelTechAwards. Since their humble beginnings in 2013, they have gone a long way to service 25,000+ hoteliers from top brands like Marriott, Nordic Choice, Fairmont, Montage, and Rosewood.

The Royal Mansour in Marrakech, Morocco, installed the complete ALICE suite. This 5-star property has 53 villas, 27 service teams, and 600 employees. ALICE elevated and smoothened its operations through modernization and digitization. Over six months, the checklist completion rates rose by 9% in Amenities, 14% in Front Desk, 18% in Concierge, 40% in Housekeeping, and 48% in Butler. Introducing tickets helped the staff understand and anticipate the most common requests. As the employees traverse a network of tunnels, quick and discreet software helped them maintain their standard of service without infringing on the privacy of the guests.

When the 2020 California wildfires broke out, the occupancy at Noble House Hotels & Resorts surged from 0% to 100%. It was an all-hands-on-deck situation, and they were short-staffed. They mitigated the problem by initiating cross-functional training and leveraged ALICE Housekeeping to organize workflows, streamline communication, maintain hygiene, and meet guest expectations.

With 100+ guests leaving 5-star reviews on client properties, 8,000+ managers analyzing their daily reports, 13,000+ messages between guests and staff, and 15,000+ concierges scheduling dining reservations, ALICE is a force to reckon with in the hospitality technology industry.