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With the growing demands for efficient and secure data migration services, the industry is experiencing rapid transformation. Businesses are seeking innovative solutions to navigate the complexities of migrating their valuable applications and Align has emerged as a trailblazer in providing cutting-edge data center and application migration services.

Align’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to excellence sets it apart in an industry that demands precision, transparency, and adaptability. The ability to seamlessly navigate both physical and virtual migrations positions Align as a one-stop solution for all migration needs, ensuring a holistic and tailored approach for its clients.

With over 35 years of experience and a reputation for high-caliber IT solutions, Align offers award-winning professional and managed IT services. Its expertise is underpinned by a team of certified subject matter experts and engineers, that work to maintain clients’ entire technology ecosystems and quickly resolve issues if they arise.

Align’s excellence is not limited to technical prowess; it also encompasses a strong commitment to exceptional customer service. Align’s dedication to transparency and precision is demonstrated in their Current State Assessments: a comprehensive discovery and analysis that provides detailed insights into clients’ IT estates. The results empower businesses to make informed decisions and help Align create custom migration plans that ensure an effective and efficient migration process.

Data center migrations are complex; they carry various risks that organizations need to be aware of and mitigate to ensure a successful program. One common challenge is striking the right balance between these potential risks and associated costs. To address this, Align adopts a fact-based decision-making approach through dependency mapping. This precise information eliminates guesswork and creates the framework for a clear migration plan which includes comprehensive runbooks to guide clients through the migration process, ensuring a smooth delivery.

The concept of migrations is evolving as well. Rather than adhering to a one-size-fits-all approach, customers are increasingly opting for a hybrid strategy. Align is well-prepared to address this trend. Align’s Current State Assessment solution is highly detailed and tailored to each client’s unique environment. This approach provides customers with the necessary information to make strategic decisions about their migration and overall business operations.

Align has refined its proven migration process over 20 years of successful projects. We are aware that our clients’ needs are unique and create custom, holistic migration plans with these in mind. We are not just a migration solution; we offer an end-to-end approach that addresses all stages of a migration project from inventory and planning through to the migration and day 2 support. — Art Dooling, Managing Director, Assessments & Migrations

While many other companies in the industry specialize in either physical or virtual migrations, Align has honed its expertise to handle both domains. This versatility sets Align apart as it offers its clients a single source of truth for all their migration requirements. Since Align excels in both physical and virtual migrations, clients benefit from a comprehensive and tailored approach. This allows for the efficient planning and execution of migrations, simplifying the process and minimizing coordination challenges.

Align offers innovative solutions that minimize risk and maximize usable business intelligence. With a comprehensive range of migration strategies and a commitment to transparency and expertise in both physical and virtual migrations, Align empowers businesses to embrace data center migrations confidently, making them a pioneering and forward-thinking force in the industry.

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