AllHealth CHOICE

The advent of technology has facilitated the accessibility to healthcare for all individuals, irrespective of location. Telemedicine is a quintessential solution that makes healthcare convenient and affordable, especially for those individuals with chronic ailments who require round-the-clock monitoring.

The perturbing conditions associated with visiting a doctor can range from finding a safe mode of commute and the risk of exposure to a host of germs, to crowded waiting rooms, busy schedules, and the dearth of premeditated alerting systems. In the case of non-emergency ailments, routine tests, and regular health monitoring, these risks may not be worth the hassle. Redundant emergency department visits, and hospital admissions, can be avoided with a dependable and consistent management system. One such company that has had a meaningful impact on telemedicine, is AllHealth CHOICE.

At the forefront of virtual health care platforms, AllHeath CHOICE is guided by a highly-skilled team of experts, who have collective expertise of around ninety years in the healthcare industry. The company’s vision is to coalesce the powerful forces of state-of-the-art technology with a team of qualified experts in the fields of management and nursing. By doing so, AllHealth CHOICE aspires to create the perfect balance of independence and assistance, through their customized healthcare support plans.

As candidly quoted by the Co-Founder & CEO Ray Cross, “At AllHealth CHOICE we love supporting an individual’s choice to take control of health-related issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure as well as older adults who want to stay independent while managing age-related concerns and conditions.”

The company’s compassionate precepts are deeply rooted in the team’s experienced background in the healthcare industry. While practicing, they identified the need for an all-encompassing telemedicine platform when they struggled to find affordable in-home solutions for their family members and clients, who needed assistance managing their health care concerns or who were hesitant to avail of traditional healthcare services, such as assisted living. Determined to achieve an effective solution, AllHealth CHOICE was successfully inaugurated, in the year 2015.

Certified by HITRUST (Health Information Trust Alliance), which gives the company a standardized framework to adhere to HIPAA regulations, AllHealth CHOICE now benefits patients and clients across thirty states in the USA. By leveraging its telemedicine solution MyCharlie, the virtual healthcare pioneer, contravenes its competition in the market. The MyCharlie App is a remote health monitoring system that bridges the gap between patients, providers, and caregivers to ameliorate clinical outcomes and provide budget-friendly healthcare solutions.

AllHealth CHOICE is not merely a telemedicine solution, and it recognizes that connecting patients and providers is not the only vital part of the equation. As stated by Juliette Simpson, the Co-Founder, and Chief Strategy Officer, “The bigger picture is how do you create a continual relationship with the patient that is proven to reduce costs, improve outcomes, and bolster a participant’s overall well-being. AllHealth CHOICE created the multi-faceted MyCharlie solution to do just that.

The MyCharlie app is an ‘always-within-reach’ healthcare partner that provides what participants require to live their healthiest life. With advanced technology, the app empowers people to effortlessly manage their health, hand-in-hand with the AllHealth CHOICE team, and the participants’ local providers. With a couple of clicks on its app, which has both an Android and iOS version, patients have access to a range of exemplary services such as:

  • A Dedicated Care Management team available 24×7, all year round, and that is easily accessible through various modes of communication including chat, telephone, and HIPAA-compliant video calls.
  • Integrated Bluetooth medical peripherals for the remote monitoring of their chronic ailments.
  • Customized care plans, health surveys, and educational videos.
  • Informative health care content with comprehensive steps, that change along with the assigned care plan.
  • A continual dynamic “health score” that provides clarity of current risks, complete with alerts.
  • Immediate intervention with their care team when risks are elevated.

All the decision-makers involved in the healthcare industry, from providers and third-party administrators to employers and hospitals, share prevalent goals – to provide inclusive and accessible healthcare, improve clinical outcomes, and reduce claims expenditures. The MyCharlie app, devised by AllHealth CHOICE, offers equal benefits for both sides. For its clients, the benefits include:

  • Real-time data that facilitates the continuous monitoring and care of their patients.
  • Vital documentation and information to improve the healthcare and habits of their patients and employees.
  • Improved outcomes and reduced healthcare claims.

The innovative array of solutions rendered by the MyCharlie platform have helped reduce the claims expenditures for a major health system, that availed of the Employer Complex Care Program by 36% year to date. Another success story of the benefits reaped with the help of the telemedicine solution is that of a self-funded employer, who witnessed a 51% reduction in healthcare claims, through his assigned healthcare program, during the same period.

The seamless amalgamation of MyCharlie, tailored complex care management, and increased patient engagement, resulted in a balanced health care approach, with measurable results. MyCharlie solutions are grouped into four primary areas of focus, to deliver ideal outcomes in the telemedicine arena, as listed below:

  • Complex Care Management:  A custom-tailored plan, for actively monitoring participants with multiple chronic illnesses.
  • Advanced Disease Management:  A responsive system, with a customizable approach, that benefits participants with a single ailment such as diabetes or hypertension.
  • Opioid Risk Management: A perceptive care plan, that vehemently focuses on patients who have been prescribed an opioid, to avoid misuse and addiction.
  • Lifestyle Management: A wellness perspective for people who are healthy to track and proactively manage health indicators and fitness schedules, at their behest.

AllHealth CHOICE addresses the fierce competition amongst the plethora of telemedicine companies to acquire the top position, with its strategic vision and unwavering focus. Aided by its commendable telemedicine application, the company supports and engages patients, to enhance virtual healthcare and refine outcomes. MyCharlie is the nucleus that holds the key to all the downstream benefits including reduced claims costs, giving AllHealth CHOICE the edge over its competitors.

By virtue of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the telemedicine landscape altered, proving the vitality of remote and safe healthcare. In a drive to combat the virus, key protocols such as social-distancing, self-isolation, and stay-at-home requirements for patients combating chronic illnesses, adversely affected the delivery of healthcare services and amplified telemedicine requirements. To cater to the needs of their patients, scores of health providers hustled to adopt telehealth solutions.

Referring to the pandemic, Juliette Simpson said, “By leveraging the technology in our MyCHARLIE platform, we have been able to help patients and providers adapt during this time to meet the needs of the patient’s care continuum.” The telehealth solution offered by AllHealth CHOICE facilitates the easy transformation of practices into virtual care offices complete with advanced technology such as broadcast functions and multi-communication channels.

The company’s vision for the future entails remaining in lockstep with the perpetually advancing remote monitoring device market and expanding its remote patient monitoring capabilities. The U.S. Healthcare System consistently demands improved healthcare outcomes, reduced costs, and a transparent system, and that is the core principle augmented by AllHealth CHOICE and its MyCharlie App. Healthcare can be a labyrinth, but AllHealth CHOICE proves that by achieving the perfect balance of technology and management systems, no obstacle is too onerous to be crossed.