Alpha Software- App Development Software Company

As one of the fastest-growing low-code development companies, Alpha Software has emerged as a leader in developing and deploying enterprise mobile and web applications. Alpha Software is the only unified mobile and web app development and deployment company in the market that not only offers no-code solutions but also empowers businesses with low-code components that produce apps compatible with any desktop or mobile device.

Alpha Software understands the diverse needs of the current development landscape, which includes both professional and citizen developers. To cater to these needs, the company has developed the user-friendly Alpha TransForm® no-code app builder. This software simplifies the process of transforming complex paper forms into simple apps, making data collection faster and more efficient.

For developers who want to build cross-platform task-based apps without engaging in lengthy and complex code-writing processes, Alpha Software’s platform digitizes business processes by building custom apps with user-friendly interfaces. The platform also comprises pre-built templates for app building without having to write a single line of code.

One of the key strengths of Alpha Software’s platform is its robust data integration capabilities. It supports powerful built-in data integration features that are compatible with a wide range of systems, including IoT, AI/ML, and popular software like SalesForce, Google Workspace, or G Suite. This ensures that businesses can seamlessly integrate their existing systems with Alpha Software’s platform, enhancing their operational efficiency.

Additionally, the Alpha TransForm platform enhances user experience by allowing them to create hybrid apps with HTML5 and PhoneGap Build. This cross-platform development empowers users to create apps across multiple channels, from iOS and Android apps to Windows and standard mobile web apps, from a single code base. Moreover, it provides end-to-end integrated analytics and charting features to simplify building business intelligence dashboards. This offering by Alpha Software also includes Alpha Anywhere, a feature that automates mapping, geography, and geographic information systems (GIS).

Alpha Software offers the only platform with no-code and low-code development environments that can serve IT and business users. Our software enables companies to build custom, data-driven apps rapidly and cost-effectively with the employees they already have inside their organization. — Richard Rabins, CEO

Headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, Alpha Software has solidified its position as a market leader by helping companies around the globe develop no-code, low-code apps. One of Alpha Software’s clients, a leading payment processing service provider with multiple verticals across the US spanning grocery, retail, e-commerce, and small businesses, required an application development solution to accelerate the creation of payment-enabled mobile business applications. The client further wanted to assist one of its customers in designing a mobile app that aligned with their payment and group communication needs.


The US-based payment processing service provider deployed Alpha Software’s Alpha Anywhere software due to its complete end-to-end development and deployment environment, as well as its ability to create mobile apps that work even without an internet connection. The critical feature of Alpha Anywhere, which allows it to work remotely and offline, allowed the client to improve customer service while expanding its target audience reach.

Furthermore, Alpha Software developed an API that integrated the client’s payment platform with Alpha Anywhere, allowing apps developed with Alpha Anywhere to link directly into Worldpay’s payment services. This integration resolved the client’s challenges regarding time- and resource-consuming development functions.

As a result, with Alpha Software’s assistance, the client could build, test, and deploy the application within two months using only two developers, as opposed to the previous app development process, which involved six developers working for ten months without yielding the desired results. Alpha Software’s platform allowed the client to deliver the app in reduced time, with reduced manpower, and cost-effectively.