Alteryx – Self-Service Analytics, Data Science & Automation

Data has taken the role of a critical asset in today’s businesses. Access to all kinds of data is crucial in deriving actionable insights and smart strategies that enhance the performance of an organization. By empowering everyone to create transformational outcomes from data, Alteryx has become one of the top names in data analytics in 2022. Focusing on powering analytics automation, the company is keen on delivering breakthroughs to each partner.

With a philosophy that breakthroughs only come to those who are dedicated to creating change, Alteryx has taken a wide range of popular brands to new heights. The Alteryx team is ready to solve any organization’s toughest issues with signature ease of use and low-code technology. Through a culture that prioritizes respect, transparency, and inclusion, the company is determined to empower each team member to bring about a breakthrough.

Data drives us, but our values define us,” says Mark Anderson, CEO of Alteryx. Ever since he was appointed CEO, Alteryx has been in a phase of innovation and growth. “Alteryx continues to demonstrate a strong growth trajectory—a direct result of the company’s success in disrupting the data science and analytics market,” remarks CEO Anderson.

Alteryx is revolutionizing business through data science and analytics by offering an end-to-end analytics platform. The company has made it possible for both data analysts and scientists alike to break data barriers, deliver insights, and experience the thrill of getting to the answer faster. Alteryx’s portfolio consists of countless organizations all over the world that rely on them daily to deliver actionable insights.

Amway is a recent use case that highlights Alteryx’s ability to drive decision improvement and consistency within the supply chain and beyond. Amway’s collaboration with Alteryx began in an effort to automate and streamline the creation of standard KPIs and reports that were being done manually at the time. Alteryx was able to hasten the data harmonization steps, which then freed the company’s time to analyze data at newer and deeper levels. The most recognized need at Amway was to improve the breadth and pace of innovation in their analytics and bring more depth to the base KPIs that described the business. The application of Alteryx started small, only in areas ripe for improvement with an intent to extract value early. Based on the impact of the solutions, the hours spent, and the frequency of data refreshes, the partnership was a success.

The contributions of Alteryx do not end with that. The ultimate goal of Alteryx is to make the broader field of analytics mainstream and get everyone to think like a data scientist. This holistic approach allows the field to mature and lets businesses come up with innovative approaches to challenges that have supplemented their bottom line.

Alteryx is an industry that converges the best parts of data science, analytics, and process automation into a single platform. With analytic process automation, there is a platform for complex problem solving that brings data-driven insights forward. When the actionable insights are derived from various kinds of data, carefully collected and analyzed data reshapes the insights generated and has the potential to reshape the operations of a business.

“By taking manual processes and automating them through a platform that allows for different kinds of data to be ingested with less human energy allows for more time spent solving bigger challenges that can have an even larger societal impact,” comments Mark Anderson.

The unified platform, ease to use, advanced capabilities, and supportive community comprising 300K passionate make Alteryx deserve its spot on the list of 10 Innovative Data Analytics Companies to Watch in 2022.