Altice USA – Bringing Optimum Fiber to our Communities

As the world increasingly becomes digital, connectivity becomes a significant priority. We rely on it for almost all our activities, be it work or entertainment. The need for this infrastructure, from high-speed internet to cable networks, will continue to grow, and so will the expectations from such companies. The telecommunication and broadband industry is blooming in today’s time.

The rising need for superior connectivity led to the conception of Altice USA. Founded in 2002, the company has grown exponentially as one of the leading broadband service providers in the US. The numbers say it all. They have 21 million customers across 21 states catering to residential and commercial requirements.

What is interesting is that Altice has an exceptional array of services that covers utility and entertainment. They have Optimum, which offers 5-gig fiber internet, TV broadband, and mobile data services. They also run hyper-local, entertainment, and national and international news channels called News 12, Cheddar News, and i24 News, respectively. Another aspect of their company is a4 which provides audience-based multiscreen advertising solutions. Through their telecommunication services and news channels, they help their viewers stay connected and informed.

“As Altice USA advances its position as a converged fixed and wireless player, I see immense potential to further connect with and serve customers in new ways while elevating the company as the connectivity provider of choice.”

The company uses the term “fearless re-invention” to describe its drive to create more advanced and secure products. Mathew and his leadership team believe that there can’t be an end to innovating. Their products are evolving continuously. A leading example is their brand new 100% fiber internet.

Their passion for innovation is driven by a will to satisfy their customers. With their customer-first approach, they have been able to serve communities across the country. They believe inclusivity begins with digital equity, thus providing low-cost broadband options to low-income households.

Their focus is on the three C’s: customers, community, and culture. With their technology, they want to provide customers with top-notch internet services. They want to make a positive impact in various communities. They do this by encouraging the youth with their STEM educational programs.

The third C rests on the idea of harvesting a workplace culture that is diverse and inclusive. Altice’s motto is “Together has no limits.” This motto represents their diversified workforce coming together to make a difference. They provide opportunities to anyone capable of making their mark with their talent and skills. Due to their commitment, they have scored a perfect 100 on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index for four consecutive years. They also received recognition from the Disability Equality Index for disability inclusion.

Altice USA also emphasizes the importance of sustainability. They strive to create a community that encourages environmentally responsible behavior. One of the main objectives behind building fiber networks is to reduce energy consumption and unnecessary material waste. They are also planning to invest in projects that support sustainable development.

Altice USA has been building an organization that is mindful of its responsibilities as a leading service provider. They understand their role and accountability, thus taking meaningful steps towards a better tomorrow. Through their initiatives and innovative services, they are impacting the lives of millions of people in the US by helping them stay connected.