Anaplan – Drive business performance with connected planning platform

In today’s world, enterprises create business models per fluctuating market conditions. Organizations must connect strategies and plans to actions and results to ensure profits while adapting to change and volatile situations. Keeping in mind evolving customer demands and market needs, Anaplan empowers its clients with digital-led agility to plan and forecast to stay ahead in this competition.

The current landscape has transformed significantly, governed by new technologies and making informed and confident data-centered decisions. Anaplan’s tools and platforms help businesses collect, study, and process large datasets for more accurate planning and forecasting. With Anaplan, enterprises can safely equip their teams, overcome hurdles, and outperform their competitors.

Anaplan believes in reforming the world by changing how organizations see, plan, and manage their businesses. Using the latest advanced technology and innovative solutions, Anaplan enables companies to monitor real-time performance and forecast the future for reliable and faster decisions. The company implements connected strategy and planning across enterprises, driving businesses forward and increasing profits.

The San Francisco-based company collaborates with over 200 partners to assist over 2,000 customers worldwide belonging to different industries. By extending its services to finance, Anaplan makes connecting strategic, financial, and operational planning less challenging. The sales and marketing sectors also benefit from Anaplan’s tools, leading to streamlined revenue strategies. Anaplan also ensures maximized visibility and reduces decision-making times by empowering the supply chain.

Furthermore, Anaplan allows office HR departments to optimize workforce performance and productivity for better business results. Other sectors that improve operations with Anaplan’s help include technology, manufacturing, and retail.

Anaplan created the connected planning market 15 years ago. Today, it’s used by more than 2,000 enterprises, and there’s the potential to do so much more. — Charlie Gottdiener, CEO of Anaplan, Inc.

Anaplan uses the Anaplan platform to transform businesses and industries. The Anaplan platform supports extensive hyperscale models that oversee businesses from edge to edge and use signals to make plans down to the transactional level. This tool helps companies eliminate siloed work and achieve desirable results. The Anaplan platform applies hyperscale computing to operational insights, forecasts, and business strategies to solve challenges clearly and collaboratively.

With its detailed platform, Anaplan simplifies complex planning and forecasting tasks. This technology empowers workforces, from the CFO to remote staff, by updating and sharing information across the enterprise. The Anaplan platform’s predictive power and integrated multi-dimensional analysis help companies convert constant change per their needs and requirements.

The user experience is vital to all organizations—Anaplan understands this. The Anaplan platform continually shares updated signals in real-time across multiple devices for flexible and rapid decision-making. This intuitive model-building structure improves the user experience via zero-coding knowledge. This platform also enables planning with intelligence by converting complex inputs into actionable recommendations with embedded optimization, predictive algorithms, machine learning, and AI tools.

Anaplan’s model accelerates business planning and modeling. It allows enterprises to model complicated business cases and stay ahead of the curve with multi-dimensional modeling, 100% consistency across all model changes, and unlimited constraints. Anaplan also enables planning in unison by unifying data collection and analysis on a single platform, delivering high-level and essential insights, and allowing data sharing with all stakeholders.

The Anaplan platform connects the entire enterprise, allowing leaders to scale as the company grows and incorporate real-time changes, regardless of time and size. The tool’s scalability ensures consistent and rapid calculations for all datasets and users. In addition to scalability, planning, and user experience, the Anaplan platform allows planning with security using world-class security and compliance, such as BYOK, role-based access control, user management, SSO support with SAML 2.0 compliance, and data encryption at rest.

One of Anaplan’s clients, a global professional services firm, received late information regarding opportunities and deal progress, causing the sales team to report an inefficient sales process. With Anaplan’s help, the services firm received timely, current, and real-time sales data through a mobile application, increasing the pay cycle by 50%, removing lag from sales data cycles, and increasing the frequency of sales compensation.