Anthology- Educational Technology Services

Visionary tools, operational insights, and comprehensive understanding are the three cornerstones of effective learning. With these three resources, learners can unlock their full potential. Anthology, one of the most innovative EdTech companies, helps educational institutes forge a secure path for their learners, ensuring institutional success and learner growth.

Standing at the forefront of the future of continuous learning, Anthology is pioneering a holistic EdTech landscape built on CRM, SIS, and LMS. This comprehensive approach empowers educators to deliver personalized learning experiences, leveraging data unification and analysis across the learner’s journey.

Anthology’s CRM software is not just a tool but a strategic enabler. It goes beyond the traditional CRM, leveraging actionable data insights to shape the end-to-end process of student enrolment and retention. From curating better experiences for applicants during the admissions process to determining the perfect approach for each student, it propels their progress and success. This best-in-class software drives student engagement across the entire campus, supporting the entire learner journey and creating a holistic learning experience from admission to degree completion and graduation.

Anthology stands out in the EdTech ecosystem because of its commitment to providing an immersive learning experience and assisting students beyond the classroom. The company equips educators with the right tools to collect labor market information, skills, and in-demand career data so students can thrive.

Networking is a critical skill in today’s increasingly competitive environment. With Anthology’s assistance, institutes can forge personal alumni connections and boost efficiency using a combined advancement-focused CRM and a robust engagement platform that builds and strengthens relationships with alums and donors.

Another notable offering by Anthology, Anthology Illuminate, introduces the only comprehensive data and reporting platform in the market for higher education. It is the first-of-its-kind holistic data analytics platform that acquires data from the entire campus and incorporates it from across Anthology products and other sources to provide relevant and accurate insights to guide student and institutional success.

With Anthology Illuminate, educators can understand their students’ unique needs and monitor their progress using a 360-degree view of the student experience that tracks their growth based on critical success markers, such as classroom performance, campus behavior, and all interactions. Teachers can make data-driven decisions to enhance the learning experience and measure impact by utilizing this data. Moreover, this platform centralizes data and reports in a single enterprise-level platform, increasing operational efficiency, reducing the workload for data developers, and empowering students and educators with leading-edge, modern technology and the highest level of security

Anthology’s Online Program Experience (OPX) is a world-class tool that returns ownership of online programs to respective institutions. This unique software delivers a proven return on investment (ROI) with data transparency to help institutions develop and expand online programs by choosing solutions that meet their needs. OPX is not just another software; it’s a market-friendly solution that measures enrollment growth, returns ownership of all assets and revenue to the institution, provides tailored services catering to individual campus needs, and creates quality, differentiated programs.

Every student deserves an environment in which to grow and thrive. Anthology’s recruitment cycle solutions ensure that all prospective students are given proper opportunities and resources. With Anthology’s recruitment solutions, institutions can obtain insights to boost growth through smart investments in new student enrollment, improve their lead generation with a data-governed marketing strategy, and provide personalized support throughout the enrollment process to catapult the institution’s conversion rates and ROI.

Challenges inside and outside the classroom often prevent students from achieving their goals. Anthology’s support and retention solutions eliminate the hurdles students face using holistic and intuitive student support. These solutions identify and resolve learner issues and increase retention with Anthology One Stop, curated according to individual learners. This service also improves the reach and productivity of IT teams without compromising quality by merging insightful data with human knowledge. Furthermore, Anthology’s solutions use relevant data to recognize at-risk students and use multi-modal outreach and human coaching to prevent them from dropping out.

Anthology helps educators create a productive learning environment by allowing them to use data-driven understanding that delivers better outcomes for them and their learners. — Bruce Dahlgren, CEO

What makes Anthology a leader in the EdTech landscape is its commitment to ensure better outcomes for everyone, from students to educators to support and administrative staff. Anthology development services build and hone team skills, efficiency, and retention, delivering enhanced departmental and learning results. With Anthology’s resources, institutions can streamline daily administrative tasks and reduce workload by outsourcing to Anthology’s subject matter experts and consultants.

Anthology boasts an exemplary portfolio highlighting its skills and expertise in the EdTech space. One of Anthology’s clients, one of the top 75 universities worldwide, was experiencing a challenge that affected its learning and operational processes. As the adoption of online and other work modes increased, so did the volume and complexity of production tasks, putting pressure on teachers and reducing the time spent on students. Thus, the university sought learning technologies to save faculty time by simplifying production operations.

Anthology collaborated with Microsoft to incorporate generative AI in Blackboard Learn Ultra to equip instructors with the proper tools to eliminate their challenges. The two organizations partnered to use AI to drive efficiency and improve learning outcomes while maintaining data security and ensuring the approach met the university’s unique educational needs and requirements. An AI Advisory Council, which consisted of 19 clients from five countries, collaborated with product development teams across a series of working sessions to design and test the functionality and impact of the AI Design Assistant. The university recognized this AI Assistant as an excellent tool to boost the efficiency of its educators.

Upon the completion of the designing and testing phases, the AI Design Assistant, powered by the Azure OpenAI Service, was incorporated into Blackboard Learn Ultra. This software provided educators with AI suggestions to devise course structures, test questions, and assessment tasks and establish grading metrics. As a result of this cutting-edge AI software, 98% of the university’s instructors saved time, whereas 92% recommended it to their peers.