APAC Data 2030 Summit – Data Strategies for AI-Driven Organisations

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CIOCoverage is an official Media Partner with APAC Data 2030 Summit 2023 starting from September 29th 2023.

Data 2030 Summit is an annual strategy event gathering the Data Management community in one place and platform to discuss ways of enabling faster Data Innovation and AI deployment across the enterprise by setting up a modern Data Management strategy and platform for the new decade.

For the past six years Data 2030 Summit has served as a remarkable knowledge-sharing and networking platform for data practitioners in the Nordics, Europe and Middle East.

This third annual 2023 Onsite edition of the event goes beyond these regions and extends its reach to the APAC Region as well.


Event Link – Data 2030 Summit

Find us here – Data 2030 Summit | Partners

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