Apex Learning – Where opportunity thrives

One of the leading EdTech companies, Apex Learning believes in designing a feasible and opportunity-filled educational technology sector. Noticing the current trend in the EdTech landscape, Apex Learning aims to create opportunities for students that unleash their potential and give them the motivation and assistance to grow and learn. The education company proposes a student-centric approach to transform the digital education space by understanding and supporting students and teachers and their needs and struggles to design schools and build stronger communities that prioritize their better future.

The digital curriculum company has formed a highly skilled team of leaders, educators, professionals, and experts in the educational technology sphere. The professionals use their expertise, experience, and education and technology industry knowledge to devise new and innovative methods that enable efficient and effective learning.

Today’s EdTech sector is marked by challenges that concern students and teachers, such as resistance to technological development, teachers lacking the latest knowledge and information regarding technological advancements, the sudden shift to remote learning, and weak and stagnant learning models. The lack of customized education, especially in distant learning, prevents interactive learning and does not allow teachers to gauge their students’ progress. With its tools and practical solutions, Apex Learning seeks to face and combat these existing challenges to make EdTech a safe and interactive learning space for students and teachers.

Launched in 1997, Apex Learning, now a member of the Edmentum, an online learning program since 2021, deploys its services to strategize and develop convenient solutions that will revolutionize the educational technology landscape. Its solutions provide ways to reform various school levels and students’ goals after school and develop a system to expand the reach of digital curriculum innovations.

Middle school students face challenges due to the lack of confidence and learning resources. Apex provides solutions that build students’ self-esteem and helps them master every course regardless of their educational level, attention span, needs, and requirements. Using an intervention and remediation approach, Apex solidifies a student’s base in middle school through models such as MTSS and RTI. Since every student has a different learning level, Apex Learning develops customized tests and syllabi for students to accommodate their learning requirements. Apex’s summer school offers programs to strengthen students’ foundations and prepare them for high school.

One of the biggest concerns for high school students is the prospect of graduation. Some students find it exciting, whereas others do not look forward to it due to the fear of an uncertain future. Apex Learning has developed a flexible curriculum that provides high school students with various learning options. Learning programs like alternative education for students to earn graduation credits, credit recovery solutions, and summer school prepare them for college and solidify their career goals.

What we believe can happen–and we’re seeing a lot of good progress in this area — I’m going to speak right now to the education technology community, we as an EdTech community need to come together, and we need to work together around standardization of our data sets. And if we do that effectively, we are serving our students and teachers much better than trying to do it alone,” said Jamie Candee, CEO of Apex Learning.

Apex delivers two primary services to accelerate EdTech’s transformation: Success Management and Integration. The company’s Success Manager designs a collaborative plan to devise, incorporate, and operate a learning program per school and district curriculums. The Success Manager services provide schools access to their teams and offer hands-on classroom assistance. This service consists of a group of integration, support, and educational consultants and specialists who teach, coach, provide online materials, and conduct seminars to equip clients with the proper knowledge and preparation. As the name suggests, Success Managers recommend the best strategies to implement digital solutions that promote interactive and virtual learning techniques, improve classrooms, and provide targeted content. By partnering up with school leadership programs, Success Managers observe the status of the goals and study student data to find areas of improvement and ensure their strategies yield productive results.

From Single Sign-On (SSO) and simplified user registration to automatic data transfer, Apex Learning’s Integration service creates efficient methods to manage and monitor the learning environment in schools, making technological navigation more convenient and seamless for students and teachers. With the latest software and technologies, such as Learning Management Systems (LMS), student portals, and Student Information Systems (SIS), Apex makes the digital curriculum flexible and quick and frees teachers and school administrators from tasks like data entry, and allowing them to focus more on the students.

Integration Apex provides quick accessibility through its Single Sign-On technology, which uses an LTI app, Clever Instant Login, ClassLink, SAML 2.0, and Google Apps™ to remove the need for separate credentials to log in. Apex Learning’s Simplified User Management provides a way to create, update, and archive users automatically. Through its Streamlined Program Management, Integration Apex enables easy synchronization to create and monitor classroom data and secure file exchange. Data exchange becomes automatic and faster with Apex Learning API, OneRoster files, and customized files that transfer real-time data on the students’ progress and performance.

In recent years, the need to streamline the monitoring and handling of digital curricula to provide a simplified online learning experience has increased. Apex’s Integration service offers a customized curriculum through credit-focused courses and skill-enhancement tutorials through the LMS. Credit-centric courses and skill-targeted tutorials enable teachers to merge resources with personalized learning methods for a more interactive and unified learning platform.

Apex Learning provides a diverse catalog to assist the students. The catalog includes core and elective courses, tutorials for enhancing a particular skill or topic, technology courses to improve technical skills, project-based CTE courses, and courses that help students reach their health, fitness, and career goals.

The Texas and Minnesota-based company has used its tools and services to transform the lives of its clients and various organizations. One such case follows Edmond Public School. The school’s previous digital curriculum did not provide flexible learning and secure data delivery and did not pass the district’s educational goals. Apex Learning created solutions that helped Edmond Public School’s curriculum meet the district’s goals and policies regarding online learning across multiple programs. With Apex’s services, Edmond Public School formed an interactive and engaging learning environment that encouraged and motivated students, produced successful results, and reduced the school’s student dropout rates.