Apollo Display Technologies – Your Window into the Future

High-quality display technology is in high demand. In today’s age, where visual management is integral to building brand image and improving customer interactions, Apollo Display Technologies has introduced the world to highly innovative display technologies and software per industry standards, prices, and digital signage. As a leading display tech supplier, it ensures its clients leverage the best products and services to thrive in today’s competitive industry.

Apollo Display Technologies excels in developing and manufacturing various LCDs, such as Public Display Screens; Integrated Monitors; Desktop Monitors; Video Walls; Digital Door Signage, and 3D Monitors. The company also designs industrial display controllers for standard video signals like RGB, DVI HDMI, or Display Port, and with ARM-based Technologies. Apollo Display Technologies also delivers TFT displays with touch components, cables, power supplies, and readily accessible LCD kits.

Instead of creating shared solutions, Apollo Display Technologies provides customized LCD Display solutions. The company puts its customers at the forefront and believes in improving their business. Apollo Digital designs customized solutions, such as mechanical design, hardware and software development, touch integration, and manufacture and staging, which cater to individual needs and requirements.

Apollo Display Technologies has a vast visual solutions, services, and product portfolio. The company partnered with the Japanese Taica – Group to develop a high-quality optical bonding production process, VacuBond. VacuBond (Vacuum Bonding) enables zero visual defect production and ensures perfect material stability without yellowing.

Users can combine modern, sleek TFT displays up to size 32″ with the VacuBond automated production process for higher efficiency. This procedure works with cover glasses on TFT displays with integrated PCAP touch, touchscreens and protective glass, PMMA/acrylic glass, and the latest TFT displays without a solid frame.

Our specialty is customized TFT display solutions and monitor systems that we tailor to our customers’ needs, no matter how complex,” said Bernhard Staller, President of Apollo Display Technologies.

The Ronkonkoma, New York-located company also offers backlight enhancement solutions. Industries or organizations that operate in high ambient brightness areas, such as production halls, shop windows, or outdoors in direct sunlight, struggle with TFT displays with low or average brightness since the display appears dull. On the other hand, Apollo Digital’s high-brightness TFT displays use a bright backlight and a unique polarizer to provide a perfect contrast, making products readable under any ambient light.

With over 25 years of expertise, Apollo Design uses its experience and extensive knowledge to engineer the best backlight enhancement solutions with features such as durability, long lifespan, dual mode, a configurable dimming range below one nit, and SmartLED drivers.

Apollo Display Technologies combats the problem of short-term availability and insufficient spare part supply. The company’s obsolescence management services single-handedly solve major supply-chain issues. Apollo Display Technologies uses its resources and expertise to identify important TFTs displays and components, help with last-time buys, stock components for time-sensitive emergencies, and locate drop-in replacements and compatible items. The display tech provider also ensures its products are customizable for system compatibility.

The LCD solution provider has been leading the display technology sector since 1987. Over the decades, Apollo Display Technologies has served organizations worldwide. One of its clients wanted a self-service restaurant without lines. The customer wanted a system that allows consumers to order through a terminal or smartphone. Apollo Display Technologies prepared a pure TFT cell that displayed the consumers’ names, showcased additional information, and enabled staff to put the meal in a visible location.

The customer chose Apollo Display Technologies’ 21.5″ LG TFT Display LM215WF3-SLK1. However, the cell could not serve as a pick-up gate. To solve this issue, using protective glasses, Apollo Display Technologies used the VacuBond optical bonding to protect the TFT cell on both sides. The final product displayed the information attractively and protected the cell against scratches, dust, and spots.