Aptum – Managed and Professional Hybrid Multi-Cloud Services

One of the leading cloud computing managed service providers, Aptum, has 20+ years of expertise in legacy and cloud infrastructures, which gives them a true understanding on how to help customers modernize and migrate to the cloud. Last year the company published its first yearly Cloud Impact Study that observed that organizations faced a series of unanticipated challenges across cloud cost optimization, security and modernization. Despite this, businesses were reaping the many benefits that cloud technology offers, especially in response to COVID-19 that struck in 2020.

Aptum’s second yearly Cloud Impact Study, published this year, evaluates the ongoing impact digital transformation has had on cloud adoption and other infrastructure deployments. It showed that while organizations are still benefiting from cloud migrations and digital transformation, due to their rush to support remote working in 2020 they had to forego proper planning to implement their much-needed cloud solutions. Some are now struggling to integrate their legacy applications and infrastructure to achieve their goals. This fragmented approach to cloud transformation has left companies with a strategy gap. Aptum works with organizations to formulate strategies and plan their next move to unlock the full potential of their cloud investment.

Located in three countries globally, the USA, Canada, and the UK, Aptum has identified a number of technology trends and how to address them. One primary trend influencing cloud infrastructure is the worldwide shortage of IT experts. Technology and innovations are rapidly changing which makes it difficult for IT teams to keep up, hindering the value being delivered from their IT solutions. In order to grow, companies must stay ahead of the competition and Aptum provides companies with these in-demand skills so they can continue transforming their operations


Another trend affecting cloud computing is the continual rise of cyber-crime. which is especially affecting healthcare, government, energy chains, and transportation industries due to risk management and security software challenges. Couple this with the shortage of qualified cloud security professionals, organizations are becoming ever more vulnerable. Aptum provides IT security and backup solutions in the form of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DraaS) to identify and eliminate risks, attacks, and vulnerabilities.

One cloud does not fit all workloads, which is why the third trend identified by Aptum is the increase in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, comprising public, private and even legacy platforms. These kinds of networks create information silos where applications can’t talk to one another and data can’t be shared. With expertise in and out of the cloud, Aptum works with organizations to ensure workloads on different platforms run well together, giving the client better visibility and control across their whole infrastructure.

Aptum’s 2022 Cloud Impact Study also found that 69% of organizations want to speed up their cloud journey, but the above trends are proving to be significant barriers. Many are turning to Aptum for the resources and assistance needed to accelerate the process. As a technology-neutral managed service provider that specializes in unifying hybrid environments, they are well positioned to help organizations develop a robust strategy and implementation plan, creating a clear and faster path to success.

What makes Aptum unique is we are thoroughly invested in the cloud, but our roots are in legacy infrastructure. This expertise in and out of the cloud and everywhere in between means we can deliver bespoke solutions for unique business challenges, whatever the infrastructure.” said Susan Bowen, CEO and President of Aptum.

So, what does the future hold for Aptum? Their breadth of capabilities spanning cloud, complex managed services, security, and network management means they’re perfectly placed to continuously adapt to ever-changing technology and customer needs. And their dedication to equip customers with the right strategy will allow many more organizations to maximize the value they get from cloud and stay ahead of their competition.