ArchKey Technologies – The Power of Scale

In 2020, ArchKey Solutons launched ArchKey Technologies, a branded technologies arm of ArchKey Solutions dedicated solely to the design, build, and maintenance of audio visual, network, wireless, security, and public safety technology solutions.

Consistently recognized as one of the nation’s top contractors, ArchKey unites the best in the nation, bringing together top contractors and premier product partners into a scalable solution whose strength and scale remain unrivaled by any single contractor in the market today.

By unifying the strengths and capabilities of the technologies teams at ArchKey Solutions’ platform companies – Sachs Electric, Parsons Electric, Sprig Electric and Mona Electric – ArchKey Technologies is able to scale beyond what has traditonally been available in the market, delivering audio visual, security, public safety, network, and wireless solutions anywhere across the nation regardless of project size, complexity, or geography.

More than a low voltage electrical contractor, ArchKey Technologies is a stand-alone technologies provider that has evolved over four decades from a construction company that understood technology into a technologies contractor that understands construction. This unique differentiator would serve as the catalyst for ArchKey Technologies to usher in a new era of technologies construction.

“Very few technologies contractors can offer full project support from concept, design, installation and ongoing maintenance across multiple technologies disciplines,” says Wendy Boosalis, ArchKey Technologies President. “Combine that with our years of construction experience and understanding of the construction process and ArchKey Technologies becomes a truly unique technologies provider for any business.”

From sophisticated facilities with multiple system demands to multi-site campuses, ArchKey Technologies has cemented its reputation as a full-service EPC contractor for all things technologies. With the ability to engineer, build, install and maintain cutting-edge technologies across multiple scopes and systems, it’s no surprise that over 75 Fortune 500 companies trust their buildings to ArchKey Technologies.

With more than 3,100 cities worked in across 47 states, ArchKey delivers one of the largest, most experienced, diverse, and strategically positioned workforces in the industry. What was once a regional offering is now a national technologies business whose scale boasts the design and install of thousands of technologies systems in some of the most iconic facilities nationwide, as well as the ongoing maintenance of more than 12,000 systems across the U.S.

“Whether it’s through simplicity, security, accessibility, convenience, or efficiency, the systems ArchKey Technologies design, install, and maintain touch millions of people multiple times a day,” says Boosalis. “Our technology solutions have the ability to influence the way people engage with the world around them. From business meetings, conferences, and concerts to major venue events, the sytems we hear, see, and touch enrich the lives of those who use them. That’s what drives us each day to give our best to our clients.”

In fact with technology impacting so much of our daily lives, Boosalis points out, it’s not always new construction that’s a main focus. Often times, it is the upkeep and ongoing maintenance of existing systems that makes the most impact, ensuring the continued connectivity and safety of its users. As more facilities have greater demand on their technology services, uptime is critical to productivity. More important still is the required 24/7 demand in critical facilities like the healthcare or mission critical industry.

“Many of our Clients need to know that they have the right technology to communicate when and how they need to,” says Boosalis. “Whether communicating with peers and colleagues for education, training, and collaboration, communicating safety alerts or updates with building patrons, or communicating with systems to make sure they do what they’re supposed to do, when they’re supposed to do it. Our Clients know they can trust ArchKey Technologies because our experience, capacity, and commitment has shown it time and time again.”