Arteris IP – The leaders in SoC System IP

The electronics industry has rapidly evolved in the last two decades. There have been some incredible innovations that have changed the world in significant ways, and new technologies are being developed more frequently than before. One of the many goals of the industry has been to increase the effectiveness of electronic devices. To achieve that, numerous technologies have emerged to support the system. One of them is the semiconductor.

When Arteris, Inc. began its journey back in 2003, the founders were able to identify the potential of semiconductors. They wanted to help companies build reliable, stable, and intelligent technological systems that maximize efficiency and boost productivity. Through the years, Arteris, Inc. has perfected this technology and has been creating intellectual property (IP) technology. They integrate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimize on-chip communications in system-on-chip IPs. Their primary motive was to ensure that companies could benefit from dynamic and complex SoCs in order to process data effectively.

Since its inception, Arteris, Inc. has provided semiconductor products like Ncore and FlexNoc, which are cache-coherent and non-cache-coherent interconnect IPs, respectively, along with packages like the Resilience, AI package, and more. Their drive to invent and reinvent has attracted the world’s top brands, such as Bosch, Toshiba, and Samsung.

The company also provides products for IP deployment technology. These technologies have intricate features that make data processing and connectivity more accessible and systematic. They provide SoC hardware and software interface management that facilitates SoC integration and collaboration among design teams and partners.

Arteris, Inc. has made its mark as the industry leader in this space as it allows for interconnecting scalability. It has a myriad of clients from various industries. Semiconductor IP technology has helped enterprises in the spheres of automotive, 5G mobility, Datacenter, and Artificial Intelligence.

The Chairman, President, and CEO of Arteris, K. Charles Janac, has played a significant role in widening the presence of Arteris across the world. His fresh perspective regarding his work has made a huge impact on the company’s growth. During an interview, he was asked about the company’s approach. He said, “We’ve worked very hard to get here, and we’ve invested more than any company in the world into interconnect technology. But it’s our investments in our people that are most important. Our focus on customer support by our sales, application engineering, and engineering teams have become so critical to our success that we do not view ourselves as being in the interconnect IP business but rather in the business of helping our customers deliver their SoCs.”

The entire team of Arteris, Inc. upholds values to serve its clients with only the best technology. Their domination in the market is credited to their work ethic, which is one of the reasons the company was enlisted in the Top 10 Fastest Growing Semiconductor Companies to Watch 2022. Despite the recognition, the company pushes itself to optimize its performance. Due to their persevering nature, they have garnered respect and long-term partnership from their clients.

The company is slowly spreading its wings and reaching out to a diverse range of industries. They are mindful of the growth of the automotive industry and have seen an increase in collaboration between IP technology and the automotive domain. With talent, skill, and a hardworking team, one can only expect Arteris, Inc. to become an even larger organization and have a wider global reach in the coming years.