Assemblies Unlimited – Turnkey Contract Packaging Company

Assemblies Unlimited Supplier Network Offers a Packaging Solution for Every Product

Randy Shaw had a vision in 1993, convinced he could build a supplier network capable of supporting the broad outsourcing demands of marketing and manufacturing companies. Through collaboration, innovation, and the organization’s unique sensitivity to customer deadlines, Assemblies Unlimited Inc. (AUI) rose to the challenge, carrying Shaw’s vision into the 21st century with unparalleled growth and success.

According to Assemblies Unlimited President and CEO, Randy Shaw, “We have built a strong reputation for being responsive and accessible to our customers. Our team’s extensive industry knowledge and experience enable us to hit the ground running with each client, immediately forging productive packaging partnerships.” AUI utilizes proprietary CRM software to find the perfect packaging partner for each project. The innovative technology accounts for key metrics including vendor size, capability and geographical location.

In the 27 years since Shaw planted the seed for Assemblies Unlimited, the organization has grown to include a supplier network of more than 150 packaging plants, strategically positioned throughout the United States. Each facility uses state-ofthe- art packaging equipment to provide world-class services. Drawing from decades of regional experience, the Assemblies team understands the contract packaging landscape in major markets. “Honesty and integrity are at the core of our strategic partnerships,” says Shaw. “We have become the “go-to” source for customers seeking established, expert guidance, helping them navigate the packaging process while avoiding critical errors.

Assemblies Unlimited initially networked in secondary packaging solutions such as shrink wrapping, blister packaging, clamshell sealing, and Point of Purchase display assembly. As secondary work moved overseas, the company shifted its focus to food packaging, including liquids, solids, and powders. Since pivoting in the early 2000’s, Assemblies has successfully managed literally thousands of different projects for food and non-food, liquid and dry filling, primary and secondary packaging.

Justin Dickert, AUI National Sales Director, says the mission and promise of Assemblies Unlimited is three fold:

  1. Unmatched Responsiveness
  2. Seamless Project Managemen
  3. A Great Customer Experience

“When we saw companies turning toward third  party  providers, we realized that decision makers understand the value of outsourcing. contract packaging offers a viable way to improve core business while reducing expenses, personnel and overhead” says justin dickert

“Outsourcing to the Assemblies Unlimited team checks all the boxes of a full service contract packaging specialist, including design support, project management, supply chain management, raw material sourcing, and drop shipping finished goods to each customer’s warehouse or distribution center.” Maintaining regional sales offices in Chicago, IL, Irvine, CA, and Long Island, NY enables Assemblies Unlimited to manage projects locally while attending to specific customer concerns in each region. “Maintaining real-time communication and excellent follow-thru with all of our customers is our “secret sauce” for sure.”

According to Mr. Dickert, becoming part of the Assemblies Unlimited network offers advantages for our copack partners as well. “Once a plant is added to our proprietary CRM database, their capabilities and geography become transparent for our sales professionals, making more immediate customer matches for them. The result for the vendor is higher sales, professional AUI sales support, and help managing day-to-day project concerns.”

Flexible and prepared to respond on the fly, Assemblies Unlimited follows industry trends in new product categories, and quickly responds to customer concerns. The organization’s adaptability was on display during the COVID-19 crises, when AUI had the capacity and capability in place to accommodate significant growth in non-traditional markets, including hand sanitizer filling, face mask packaging, and home cleaning product packaging.

Finally, Shaw says that the success over the years of Assemblies Unlimited  proves that customers are seeking flexible, nimble and responsive partners