AST – Digital Transformation Consulting Service & Cloud Partners

As a globally recognized full-service enterprise systems integrator, AST Corporation has changed the game in the Public and Commercial Sectors, serving clients for over a quarter of a century now. AST provides its clients with the leadership and assistance they need in project management, systems integration, systems administration, business process redesign, and training.

AST Corporation covers all the aspects of Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Performance Management, Business Intelligence, and Middleware, including on-premise applications as well as cloud-based technology. It also provides adaptable Managed Services to meet the demands of over 200 public and private sector customers throughout the world.

It has around 23 years of experience in integrated ERP solutions, allowing clients to reduce their IT costs and streamline their operations with the ERP Cloud. It also provides its clients with extensive knowledge of the most recent Oracle ERP Cloud apps. AST Corporation is the most outstanding partner client required to guarantee that their ERP Cloud solution meets their expectations for functionality, performance, and returns on investment.

AST Corporation brings digital marketing solutions that are fully integrated. Having been doing this for more than a decade, AST helps its clients modernize their marketing platforms and processes. Creating such a fully-integrated marketing solution for each of its clients, it aids them in transforming their marketing effectiveness.

For nearly as long as the cloud has existed, AST has been delivering cloud solutions. Its depth and breadth of knowledge span every area of cloud computing, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. It draws on a decade of cloud experience to develop the most comprehensive, accurate, and feasible cloud plan for any company, regardless of where they are on their cloud journey.

Its Cloud Assessment Framework is a set of tools, techniques, and industry best practices that look at a company’s specific business needs and provide thorough roadmaps. AST delivers all of the tools needed to build a strong business case for cloud adoption, focusing on quick wins with quick returns to guarantee that the proposed strategy is adopted.

With 25 years in business, AST Corporation has completed over 360 cloud projects with 435 clients, and it takes pride in having received around 723 cloud certifications. AST is an award-winning, full-service enterprise system integrator that works with forward-thinking companies to achieve digital transformation, process reengineering, and technological solutions.

“Our Corporate Culture is our Competitive Advantage! At AST, people make the difference. We’ve discovered over our 25 years in business, the more we invest in our talent, the greater the return. We foster a culture of trust, ownership, and innovation at every level of the organization,” says Justin Winter, CEO

AST aims to answer a couple of important questions in the digital journey of its clients. Through its “Why” framework, AST will collaborate with stakeholders to study a variety of crucial topics and develop an objective-driven analysis with clear anticipated consequences.

It will establish the basic and transformative roadmaps for a company. The “What” framework of AST leads to the achievement of the Strategic Objectives phase’s results. The “How” framework from AST will assist you in designing solutions for all phases of your roadmap. It plans and builds the transformative components of the client’s Digital Journey, starting with the roadmap’s core needs.

Oracle and AST have a synergistic partnership. Its portfolio of Oracle experience has expanded over the last two decades to offer real multi-pillar competence as one of Oracle’s initial PartnerNetwork members. It has been through almost everything that Oracle has to offer to clients.

AST Corporation’s ultimate goal with its established skills is to ensure that the total cost of ownership (TCO) of its clients is significantly lowered and that they are well-positioned for eventual long-term success.