Astadia – The Mainframe to Cloud Experts

As a leading cloud computing solution provider, Astadia believes in the reformation of the cloud ecosystem. Living in a world of digitization and technological transformation requires companies to operate multiple operations and ensure customer satisfaction. Astadia creates new and innovative applications to give its clients cost-efficient and modernized IT applications and systems to increase agility, enhance speed, and improve performance.

Astadia acknowledges and sets out to combat various challenges that companies face in the cloud landscape, such as cloud migration, switching platforms, application modernization, and managed IT services. With a customer-centric approach, Astadia provides high-quality services for successful, cost-efficient, and risk-preventative results. By merging re-platforming and refactoring platforms, Astadia strives to solidify the performance mainframe model and modernize it.

With its insights, Astadia assists enterprises in designing an accessible and convenient roadmap that caters to their requirements and reaches their business goals. As companies adapt to hybrid and remote work modes, the need for a stable cloud migration has increased. Organizations require a robust IT infrastructure that supports their operations and functions across multiple platforms. Astadia uses an integrated system and methodology-driven route to find practical and comfortable solutions for digital transformation.

Founded in 1986, Astadia has decades of experience and knowledge, which it uses to develop new and unique solutions for cloud optimization. Cloud migration is a complex process, and Astadia simplifies the procedure to make cloud navigation more convenient and secure for its clients. Every cloud model has specific features specializing in different operations. Astadia’s automated cloud migration services allow enterprises to migrate applications to any public, private, or hybrid cloud platform.

We use our software assets to migrate mainframes to the cloud with limited technical requirements and technical expertise required,” said Scott G. Silk, Chairman and CEO of Astadia.

Using its Automation solution, Astadia tests software before initiating migration and transformation processes. This solution uses a modernization approach to transform operations and functions faster and more effectively. It also ensures data integrity is maintained by converting data accurately and systematically. Automation saves manual and repetitive tasks by reducing timeframes, lowering costs, and managing risks during the modernization process.

Since every company has its business goals and objectives, each enterprise requires a tailored solution that caters to its demands. Astadia proposes and creates flexible solutions that bend to an organization’s needs and requirements. Instead of replicating existing services, Astadia develops new solutions based on its client’s current goals, resource availability, and needs.

Along with solutions, Astadia also provides products that support those solutions. The company’s CodeTurn product automatically converts legacy source codes into modern ones, maintaining their integrity and functional status. CodeTurn usually runs with other Astadia tools, such as TestMatch and DataMatch, to make data migration quicker.

Astadia’s DataTurn tool automates data storage conversion. It provides automated transformation of data structures and modifications from data stores across multiple databases that run on the cloud or on-premises. DataTurn prevents valuable business operations from depending on non-strategic, unstable, outdated, and costly technologies. It supports multiple data stores, works with a graphical interface, enables mass configuration through export or import, and customizes its features using a template approach.

The TestMatch product provides automated testing of OLTP (terminal-based Online Transaction Processing applications) mainframes. Using standard resources, it records user interactions centrally on an IBM or Siemens mainframe. It operates on any protocol or system, such as IDMS, BMS, DMS, and Natural, regardless of the technology version.

With its DataMatch tool, Astadia allows companies to test batch jobs and reduce testing time and processes. DataMatch compares the result of a converted batch job with the output of the original JCL job on the mainframe to prove a hundred percent functional compatibility.

The Boston, Massachusetts company assists clients domestically and internationally, enhancing their cloud transformation process for better and more accurate results. Astadia worked with a US-based automotive retailer and service center company to modernize its legacy mainframe systems and transfer its COBOL-based operations to the AWS Cloud. The retailer required reliable software to reduce operating costs and re-platform the IBS z/OS mainframe to AWS.

Astadia created and used a DevOps pipeline to enhance the functions and performance of the retailer’s applications. After using Astadia’s tools, the code deployment time decreased from three days to an hour. Furthermore, Astadia’s solutions streamlined the client’s security standards and allowed the company to move from a siloed approach to a single unified platform. The digital migration to a modern cloud platform increased the company’s performance and reduced operating costs.