atNorth – Sustainable Nordic Data Centers

All organizations have data centers for storing vast datasets, each for a different operation. However, most companies need help with managing data centers. atNorth, a leading Intel partner, is a top data center services organization that believes in environmentally-conscious, power-efficient, and cost-effective hosting facilities.

With a mission to deliver “more compute” to its customers, atNorth aims to combat challenges in the data landscape. As digitization takes over businesses, companies have begun migrating to the cloud or switching to hybrid modes. However, given the lack of information and assistance, cloud migration has been challenging, time-consuming, and prone to cyber risks. atNorth leverages innovative data designs and power-efficient operations to reduce TCO, increase efficiency, and secure long-term infrastructure needs.

atNorth empowers its clients with high-performance, sustainable, and scalable computing services. Its HPC resources, delivered as-a-Service, allow customers to focus on simulation calculations and applications without worrying about the core HPC infrastructure. atNorth extends its solutions to multiple industries, including automotive, aerospace, AI & Deep Learning, engineering, financial services, life sciences, research, and manufacturing.

Often, companies struggle with public cloud limitations and high operational costs. On-premises management requires complex functions that slow business growth. atNorth’s HPC and AI solutions emphasize sustainability and performance by increasing computing power and enabling flexible and scalable high-density processing. Operating high-density workloads are challenging to maintain and manage. With its HPC solution, atNorth allows customers to host on-premises securely and cost-effectively.

We specialize in energy-hungry workloads that require a lot of cooling. Typically, these workloads include things like high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, deep learning, big data, and so on,” said E. Magnús Kristinsson, CEO of atNorth.

Furthermore, atNorth’s cluster services offer HPC consultation and support to ensure reliable and high-performance functions with zero downtime and greater resilience. These services allow flexible scalability, up and down, with extra computational power whenever needed. atNorth also oversees cloud-native requirements by assisting clients in setting, implementing, and managing databases, reducing computational costs, shortening result generation time, and increasing performance.

atNorth’s HPC and AI infrastructure solutions equip customers with Turnkey. Clients require high-performance and cost-effective CPU and GPU clusters—atNorth provides them with renewable energy-powered clusters. The company uses the latest hardware to design and deliver a ready-to-use, fully-supported HPC solution that manages applications and workflows.

With its customer-centric approach, atNorth builds customized solutions on an OPEX model using dedicated hardware tools with SLAs, ensuring improved performance. atNorth also enables hybrid work by onboarding clusters into its advanced DC environment that monitors, tunes, and optimizes runtimes. Its hybrid solutions reduce costs and CO2 emissions by 50% and 85%, respectively.

The leading Intel partner designs a secure, up-to-date, and world-class environment that adheres to regulatory compliance. atNorth’s expert support team provides 24/7 assistance, helping customers maximize application performance. Additionally, atNorth’s ever-present HPC capacity yields high results from the start and accelerates market time with optimized designs and tools. HPC and AI solutions also reduce carbon emissions by up to 99.99%, providing the highest renewable energy rate.

atNorth’s services help customers across the globe. One of its clients, Cadence Design Systems, a worldwide leader in electronic design, required a powerful and flexible HPC platform that would give its development team time to create solutions that reform industrial CAE workflows. atNorth’s HPCFLOW cloud platform provided Cadence Design Systems with managed, orchestrated, and decommissioned HPC resources.

The HPCFLOW cloud platform managed and supported operations, while a REST API allowed Cadence to merge with third-party services and applications efficiently. The HPCFLOW system, built for large-capacity projects, offered scalability, flexibility, and simplicity that Cadence needed to deliver HPC as a service for its teams and customers.