ATP – Aviation Information Services

Aircraft uptime is an essential factor for airlines, air cargo companies, and other aviation organizations because it directly affects their ability to generate revenue and meet their operational goals. The more an aircraft is available for use, the more revenue an airline or air cargo company can generate. When an aircraft is not operational, it can cause delays, cancellations, and rescheduling, resulting in revenue losses. During its 50+ years in the business, ATP, Inc. has perfected the solution to needless downtime with its powerful aviation software suite that encompasses everything from maintenance and operations to manuals and diagnostics.

Their suite of aviation maintenance software comprises Flightdocs, Aviation Hub, ChronicX, and SpotLight.

Flightdocs is an end-to-end aviation maintenance, inventory, and operations software solution for a fully integrated flight department that delivers optimized aviation maintenance, inventory, and operations data with real-time visibility. By providing optics into inventory levels, maintenance schedules, and other critical data, the software can help streamline operations, reduce downtime, and increase overall efficiency.

With online and offline capabilities, Aviation Hub brings aircraft technical maintenance and regulatory publications together in one app for quick and compliant action. It simplifies information access, increases productivity, and supports compliance and safety. It currently supports 90 manufacturers, 1,700 libraries, and 160,000 documents.

ChronicX is a complete solution for automatic repeating defect identification of chronic aircraft problems, reoccurring defection resolution management, and defect analysis to improve aircraft safety and reliability. It is trusted by major, regional, and cargo airlines. Impressively, it has been implemented in 25% of the global fleet and generates 500,000 monthly analyses. With a comprehensive software solution like ChronicX, operators can track the maintenance and repair history of each aircraft and component, ensuring that they are safe and airworthy. This can help reduce the risk of accidents and improve overall safety.

SpotLight is a comprehensive cloud-based fault isolation solution providing interactive and collaborative troubleshooting while capturing new field experience through a smart diagnostic reasoning engine so that customers can grow and retain tribal knowledge and improve first-time fix rates. It captures field experience and provides just-in-time training.

ATP is how everyone from business aviation teams and MROs to airlines and OEMs can finally get their aircraft more uptime. We work with many strategic integration and solution-focused partners on our promise to deliver innovation, reliability, and quality. — Norman Happ, CEO

Switching to ATP’s Flightdocs, Intermountain Health, an emergency medical service provider, accelerated their base inspections with the FAA 16x, reduced the time they spent completing a work order by 97%, and transformed maintenance into a 100% paperless operation. This expeditiousness was possible because Flightdocs is a mobile system that allowed Intermountain Health’s maintenance technicians to scrap time-consuming paperwork and handwritten logbooks. Flightdocs’ dashboard provided instant and real-time optics into the statuses of aircraft and equipment. Moreover, Flightdocs enabled them to track the maintenance of components unique to EMS operators. Keeping their aircraft ready for flight at a moment’s notice is a priority. Therefore, a maintenance system like Flightdocs, with its impeccable managing and tracking capabilities, was of the essence.

When you have a 130+ aircraft, taking 10–15 minutes to take stock of the health of a single component or aircraft is not optimal. Further, manual reporting resulted in human error. There was also a lack of visibility into the historical data of the aircraft. With ChronicX, Mesa Airlines was able to assess the health of its entire fleet in 10 minutes. They saved over $400,000 across the company and reduced repeat discrepancies by 20%.

By optimizing maintenance schedules, reducing downtime, and streamlining inventory management, ATP, Inc. has helped reduce operating costs and increase profitability for its customers.