Auctane – Trusted Solutions on the Forefront of Change

Shipping and logistics companies are a vital part of any country’s growing economy. Given that the world is going digital, these companies also play an integral role in the e-commerce industry. Auctane, a key player in the e-commerce shipping industry, is at the forefront of this change with a mission to create great shipping experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Committed to serving businesses of all sizes with an excellent suite of products that fulfill their mailing, logistics, and shipping needs, Auctane’s mission is to make the entire princess as smooth sailing as possible. The company understands that shipping is the backbone of commerce, whether conventional or digital, and shipping experiences can leave a lasting impression on consumers.

For more than two decades, Auctane has strived to incorporate the latest technological advancements in its products to cater to the growing demand for shipping. Faster, cheaper, and more transparent shipping services are the need of the hour. This is where Auctane steps in with tailor-made solutions that help local, regional, and even global businesses shine.

What helps Auctane stand apart from its competitors is its mission to focus on the future with unwavering commitment. “When we rethink the traditional paths of commerce, we bring the world a little closer together,” says Robert Gilbreath, VP, Auctane.

From small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to warehouse shippers, Auctane’s expansive portfolio of products can cater to any business with mailing and shipping needs. Its suite of technology includes intuitive shipping software, a network of 3PL providers, and also products that facilitate same-day delivery. The company’s vision is rooted in solving the logistic challenges that businesses face presently while unlocking future possibilities.

In 2021, the company stated that its businesses facilitate over $200 billion in sales in the United States and had delivered to more than 90 percent of American households – a number that has only shown upward growth since then.

Some of its most noteworthy products include ShipStation,, ShipEngine, ShippingEasy, Metapack, Endicia, and GlobalPost. ShipStation is a leading web-based order management and shipping software that was specifically designed to help retailers make shipping efficient and cost-effective. It has helped over 130,000 merchants simplify processing, fulfilling, and shipping their orders. Moreover, merchants can access shipping discounts of up to 88 percent from leading including DHL Express, USPS, and UPS. Another impressive feature is that ShipStation instantly updates tracking information to the customer and selling channel as soon as the order ships.

ShipEngine solves logistics problems that arise as businesses scale, hence, giving them the time, energy, and resources to focus on what matters the most. It’s undoubtedly the platform of choice for world-class shipping, as its mission states. While ShipStation is a cloud-based application with a state-of-the-art interface, ShipEngine is the premier shipping API that businesses can integrate into existing technology.

On October 19, 2022, Auctane further strengthened its mission of delivering better shipping experiences for customers. The company announced that it had landed a vital deal with the United States Postal Service, which would allow it to hold true to its promise of providing customers with the best possible rates.

The deal is significant because the USPS shelved its reseller program earlier in the same month. In a nutshell, the program allowed third-party companies to be given commercial rates from UPS, FedEx, and USPS, by cutting out the middleman. With the new agreement, Auctane can offer its shippers, and retailers USPS Connect rates for e-commerce.

Auctane’s products are revered by both regional and global businesses as the backbone of their shipping and logistics services. Its solutions help businesses ensure customer satisfaction at reasonable rates, hence proving that it is a force to reckon with.