AuditBoard – Audit, Compliance, & Risk Management Software

Companies are always at risk of operational discrepancies, regardless of size or industry. As businesses become more financially challenging to manage, they are vulnerable to cyber threats and third-party risks. As a leading player in GRC solutions, AuditBoard automates administrative tasks and reduces the dependency on manually overseeing governance, risk, and compliance.

Creating a modern connected network increases business value and improves audit, risk, and compliance teams, thus strengthening business security. AuditBoard has designed a robust and flexible data system that provides long-term risk management strategies. Business risks are not limited to a particular sector; they can target any industry. With this in mind, AuditBoard extends its services to various industries, including finance, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, education, media, and retail.

AuditBoard’s customer-centric approach creates solutions catered to individual clients, industries, and use cases. Running an enterprise opens a business to many compliance, governance, and risk issues. AuditBoard delivers solutions for assessment management, compliance audits, enterprise risk management, IT audits, fraud risk management, operational audits, security compliance management, and SOX readiness.

Not only does AuditBoard design solutions, but it also creates platforms supporting those services. With its Modern Connected Risk Platform, AuditBoard allows companies to elevate their audit, risk, ESG, and compliance teams with a centralized and collaborative risk management medium. This tool streamlines interactions across audit, risk, and compliance programs. Furthermore, it leverages a single record system connecting data across solutions and teams for real-time reporting and holistic risk management strategies.

The second AuditBoard platform, AuditBoard Integrations, merges seamlessly into the existing cloud architecture to automate and scale audits, risks, ESG, and compliance programs. This medium supports various data, storage, and cloud-computing platforms like Alteryx, AWS, Azure, GitHub, Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Slack, and Tenable.

AuditBoard is well-positioned in a large market, providing unique technology and a customer experience that is the best in the industry. — said Scott Arnold, CEO of AuditBoard.

AuditBoard’s innovative solutions are not limited to only platforms; they also extend to products. With its SOXHUB product, AuditBoard makes managing SOX and other internal control compliance less challenging. It also provides real-time insights via visual dashboards and readily available reports about internal control statuses for identifying and rectifying issues. This tool streamlines internal control management by automating administrative tasks and simplifying SOX—also eliminating version control problems by instantly synchronizing documents, RCMs, and issue logs.

Integrating and elevating risk management programs is integral to ensuring secure operations. AuditBoard’s RiskOversight tool intuitively and visually merges risk management programs, including risk identification, assessment, response, mitigation, and monitoring. The integrated environment provides global data for better coverage and decision-making, saving time and centralizing risk management.

AuditBoard’s internal audit management software, OpsAudit, centralizes audit management and enables collaboration (planning, fieldwork, and reporting) on a single platform, increasing project value and improving efficiency.

CrossComply, a multi-framework IT risk and compliance software, increases security by scoping, auditing, and managing a complex framework. It also streamlines gap assessments, collects proof, and enables control mapping for proactive risk management. Furthermore, it supports the C-suite by leveraging configurable and unique reporting that recognizes risks, allowing enterprises to change their business models or strategies safely and timely.

With its third-party risk-management tool, TPRM, AuditBoard maximizes productivity by organizing the inventory, gaining insights into vendors using real-time data, and enabling collaboration with business stakeholders to reduce operational complexity.

Finally, AuditBoard provides ESG program management software that leverages ESG data to engage stakeholders by streamlining reports and disclosures. It also compiles audit, risk, compliance, ESG management, and internal control in a single record system, centralizing ESG data and ensuring audit readiness.

AuditBoard has assisted various clients worldwide, providing them with innovative GRC solutions. One of AuditBoard’s clients, a top global consumer robotics company, required frequent risk assessments and risk touchpoints to tackle post-COVID risks. AuditBoard’s risk module helped the robotics company facilitate quarterly risk touchpoints, connect with risk owners instantly for real-time updates, and summarize those reports quickly to take the required risk-management measures swiftly.