Augmentt- The platform to discover, optimize and fully manage your SaaS applications

The tide has always been rough for the IT sector, as it has a feisty mix of both the good times and the bad. As a result of the pandemic, the market has taken a plunge as both small businesses,and large-scale enterprises struggle to meet their targets.

This has consequently led people towards Managed Service Providers or MSPs for a solution, setting the backdrop for the worldwide SaaS market, which had hit a massive 157 billion US dollars in the wake of 2020. With several businesses converging upon MSPs for strategic direction surrounding new technology, the industrial settings are just right to fuel new dawn for SaaS management services.

Riding this new wave of opportunity, we have Augmentt. This is a Canadian company that has architectured advanced SaaS management platforms that are exclusively designed to allow MSPs to manage their client’s SaaS ecosystem. With a twofold aim of enforcing stringent security measures as well as cutting down on the overall spending, their products have become a veritable asset for MSPs.

The exhaustive process of manually supervising SaaS applications is a dire challenge that if unresolved, is a future gateway to major organization-wide risks like data breaches. The looming security concerns revolving around the usage of unauthorized Cloud tools, called Shadow IT, have burdened many small and mid-sized businesses. Added to that, organizations also have to face the increasing expenditure of maintaining the storage and subscription functions of their Cloud services. The success of an organization is largely incumbent upon embracing innovation and adapting to the dynamic industrial environment to overcome these challenges.

Augmentt supports its clients by directing its range of services at combatting inefficiencies by instigating better SaaS decisions. Their channel-enabled platform has been successful in allowing organizations to optimize spend, enforce security policies, and streamline their operations.

“We intend to fulfill our vision of driving the best MSPs by building products and programs that are easy to use, easy to acquire, and can demonstrate immediate value.”, said Derik Belair, President, and CEO of Augmentt.

These programs include the ‘Augmentt Discover’ and the ‘Augmentt Optimize’ platforms. The former is a SaaS Discovery and Shadow IT solution that actively mitigates risks, while the Augmentt Optimize module helps institutions keep track of SaaS users. These services cross-off guesswork from the equation to channel improved Cloud utilization by companies. They are also equipped to assist their client to adapt to their new software through curated learning guides and a licensing framework that is designed specifically to help MSPs massively seed the marketplace.

They also have a brand new Centralized SaaS Management and administration module in the lineup called Augmentt Engage. The company is catered around embracing SaaS and Cloud as a way to deliver cost optimization services, governance, and security services, and they have brought their very own added nuance to this field of growing technology.

Augmentt’s winning strategy is wholly based upon customizing their products to surpass the standard IT norms with a gaze directed at the future.

Derik Belair succinctly put forward his business ideals by saying “To win and retain business, you must demonstrate the ability to provide value and insight, especially as organizational priorities shift.”

The rapid growth of the organization since its inception in 2019 has made it a player to contend with on the industrial scale. With a clear goal set in stone Augmentt moves forward to direct a new paradigm of SaaS management.