AusDiagnostics – Expert in Multiplexed Diagnostics

Molecular diagnosis is a critical milestone in the healthcare industry. As a leading molecular diagnostic company, AusDiagnostics helps healthcare providers by enhancing molecular science and advancing human and animal diagnostics decisions. Since its first MT-PCR panel in 2006, AusDiagnostics has worked with leading clinical laboratories and research institutes to bring practical solutions to healthcare concerns.

AusDiagnostics designs and delivers clinical diagnostic products that assist laboratories and hospitals worldwide in detecting and testing existing and potential diseases and conditions. With its multiplexing platform, AusDiagnostics fills the gap between lengthy testing processes, helping healthcare providers and patients receive quick and accurate diagnoses.

Molecular science spans different panels, such as human diagnosis, applied testing, and animal diagnostics; AusDiagnostics’ products support all three. AusDiagnostics’ Flowflex™ SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test is a self-testing kit that allows qualitative detection of the SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid antigen in fifteen minutes. This easy-to-use tool helps clinics globally detect SARS-CoV-2 with an accuracy of 98.8%, relative sensitivity of 97.1%, and relative specificity of 99.5%.

AusDiagnostics also designs extraction kits that extract relevant findings from different samples. The MT-Prep™ Extraction kit collects nucleic acids from 1 to 24 samples within 55 minutes using magnetic bead extraction methodology that enables reliable and consistent nucleic acid purification, making downstream diagnostic analysis efficient and convenient. This kit tests various specimens, such as swabs (nasal, pharyngeal, throat, eye, buccal, rectal, genital, and skin lesions); cervicovaginal samples (scrapes and smears); saliva, mouthwashes; BAL, aspirates, sputum; stool; CSF, urine, and other body fluids.

The Puryx® Extraction kits simplify the extraction process. With its Puryx® Access Extraction tool, laboratories can pre-fill the reagent plates with necessary reagents to run sample purification for 96 samples. After peeling off the foil seal and loading it into marked positions on the instrument, specialists can prepare purified nucleic acids in thirty minutes. The elution plate goes directly onto the Ultraplex 3 for multiplexed PCR testing. This kit makes nasal, pharyngeal, and throat swab testing swift and efficient.

We are always looking at how we can improve on what we did yesterday, whether it’s in research, testing, production, or even accounting. Because as the business grows, you have to equip the operational part with enough resources so that you are able to enhance the scale of production,” said Scott Gilroy, CEO of AusDiagnostics.

AusDiagnostics’ Puryx® Comprehensive Extraction product provides solutions for high throughput extraction. Along with testing nasal, pharyngeal, fecal, and throat swabs, this kit includes ready-to-use reagents without requiring alcohol or buffers. Hospitals can attain high-purity DNA or RNA in the same equipment and automate with the MT-Prep™ XL.

With its TandemPlex® tool, AusDiagnostics empowers clients to achieve high-quality diagnostic results across various conditions, regardless of research areas and industries. MT-PCR panels utilize TandemPlex® to support multiplexing and enable efficient and comprehensive testing of over 30 genetic markers from a single sample. With over 200 gene targets, the MT-PCR panel ensures the gene targets included are clinically relevant.

The TandemPlex® kit detects between 6 to 30 targets in-real time from a single sample. The independent amplification of target genes prevents completion, and built-in inhibition and performance verification controls make testing reliable and transparent. Small sample sizes test up to 30 targets with MT-PCR; all reagents provide flexibility.

AusDiagnostics uses TandemPlex® to provide human diagnostics across various panels, including respiratory pathogens, enteric pathogens, genital infections and STIs, critical testing and drug resistance, dermatophytes, genetic disorders, and urinary tract infections. This product also detects and identifies pathogens, including zoonoses, to accelerate animal diagnostics and facilitate more effective treatment of animal testing.

Healthcare providers can also perform applied testing using TandemPlex® to detect pathogens in agricultural, water, and food samples. AusDiagnostics’ applied testing panels comprise vital pathogens that affect agricultural, water, and food safety, such as mushroom pathogens and cyanobacteria.