Automation Anywhere – Global leader in Robotic Process Automation

Today, robotic process automation is among the fastest-growing segments of the global software market. Companies around the world are accelerating their digital transformation activities with this technology. RPA is effective in all industries; be it banks, insurance companies, and logistics organizations. These businesses typically have a slew of legacy systems and use RPA to supplement or replace manual IT procedures.

RPA allows technology users to develop software robots, or “bots,” that can learn, mimic, and then execute business operations based on specific rules. Bots are created using RPA automation by monitoring human digital actions. The process is pretty straightforward; all you need to do is demonstrate what you want your bots to do, then leave them to it. Robotic Process Automation bots can interact with any system or application in the same manner as humans do. However, with bots, there is an advantageous exception. Significantly, RPA bots can keep working non-stop, around the clock, much faster than humans, and with flawless precision and accuracy.

In simple words, a computer program is instead put in charge of the repetitive functions required, and the decision-making capability of man is employed to better use, and with this, Automation Anywhere steps in.

Automation Anywhere is enabling organizations to become more flexible, and responsive by helping them integrate robotic process automation into their operations. This has led to a boost in employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity by removing tedious chores from these organizations’ daily routines.

Automation Anywhere ensures that their RPA is non-intrusive, that can be applied quickly to speed up digital transformation. RPA technology is transforming the way people operate around the world and that has been one of the key visions playing a crucial role behind Automation Anywhere’s operations. The organization believes in a future where automation tech will free individuals from their routine activities, allowing them to focus on more creative, higher-order business concerns.

Mihir Shukla, Chairman & CEO of Automation Anywhere, said, “Think ahead 10 years—about 1 billion children will be born on our planet. Children that will see Digital Workers as the norm. We must get this right, not just in quality and execution but in ethics and morality as well.”

Automation Anywhere’s technology is built with an intention to enable each person to reach their full potential at work and to make the world around them a more organized place.

With RPA, the Mihir Shukla led organization helps business houses rely on software bots to conduct several tasks, including logging into applications and systems, extracting, copying, and inserting data, transferring files and folders, filling up forms, and generating routine analysis and reports. These tasks, when carried out by people, take up a huge chunk of time, which could be used for executing more productive endeavors.

Automation Anywhere’s powerful bots can even execute cognitive tasks such as deciphering language, participating in chats and conversations, comprehending unstructured data, and making complicated decisions using advanced machine learning models.

When these types of repetitive, high-volume tasks: developing, collaborating, producing, and interacting with customers, are performed by RPA bots, businesses benefit, resulting from increased production, efficiency, and resilience. It’s no surprise that RPA is transforming the way industries work. Almost any high-volume, business-rules-driven, repeatable activity is a good candidate for automation, and cognitive operations that demand higher-order AI skills are becoming increasingly so.

Businesses need technology that can do more than just assist in automating a single process. With an enterprise-wide RPA program, a wide range of tasks can be executed. Automation Anywhere brings the very platform to the table that helps organizations build, manage, and run with a fully automated organizational workflow.

A new future of work is waiting for the mass to adopt. Automation Anywhere’s RPA system helps business owners and managers manage their routine tasks from start to finish; from spotting amazing automation possibilities to quickly constructing high-performing robots and managing thousands of automated workflows.