Avantama AG – Nanoparticles, Suspensions & Dispersions

The display industry is responsible for making the world colorful, bright, and sustainable; Avantama carries that torch. As a leading figure in the display technology sector, Avantama empowers their clients with advanced products and innovative solutions that reform the market. Avantama holds the key to the future of display technology—low power-consuming perovskite quantum dots that will add more color and brightness to LCD, OLED, and MicroLED displays.

Avantama creates and delivers conversion sheets that maximize colors, enhance brightness, and minimize power consumption. These can be applied to various device architectures, including those using MiniLED backlights, which also improve LCD quality. These MiniLEDs [1] [2] [MOU3] are blue, requiring a color conversion sheet comprising red and green quantum dots or phosphors for precise lighting.

Rising overhead expenses are affecting the display technology industry. In the OLED and MicroLED sectors, quantum dots reduce display manufacturing costs and improve picture quality when used in the pixels for color conversion. For this application, Avantama’s perovskite quantum dots increase color options and brightness, making the lights more power efficient. Furthermore, display manufacturing expenses are decreased compared to standard QD products. Avantama’s cost-effective and innovative solutions resolve customer issues and allow it to grow as a company.

Avantama is a world leader in the development and production of specialty nanoparticles, dispersions, and formulations for electronics. We have continuously optimized our products to make sure to present the solution with the best performance in the field. So far, none of our competitors could beat our performance- Dr. Samuel Halim (CEO and Founder) and Dr. Norman Lüchinger (CTO and Founder).

The display industry has undergone a massive transformation in recent years. It has outgrown its conservative functioning and is moving towards new trends according to evolving customer demands and changing market trends. Avantama is one step ahead of conventional display items by continually maintaining its products to keep up with the latest trends and upgrading them to offer its clients better opportunities and room for growth. Avantama assists customers by providing them with effective and efficient strategies.

As a renowned name in developing nanoparticles, dispersions, and formulations for electronic products, Avantama accurately fine-tunes physical, electrical, and optical parameters. Avantama follows a client-first approach by providing customized services aligning with unique business models and objectives. Their products and services span different industries, catering to individual goals. For example, companies can use Avantama’s materials in solar cells, sensor technologies, and display products.

Avantama’s perovskite quantum dots convey the expectations of the digital and technologically empowered age. With their quantum dots, Avantama delivers exceptional picture quality, making LCD, MicroLED, and OLED displays power efficient. Furthermore, the company ensures its clients bear the minimum possible display manufacturing costs in QD-OLED displays without compromising the quality.

With a diverse portfolio exhibiting its journey, growth, and success stories, Avantama has proven itself as a pioneer of the display technology arena by helping clients overcome their challenges. Avantama’s collaborations with organizations across various industries have delivered incredible results, such as 35% more colors and 45% higher brightness. Avantama’s products also reduced power consumption by 25%.