Avercast — Demand Planning and Forecasting Software

Forecasting and management software has greater importance in today’s world than ever before. Most people might only be familiar with weather forecasting, but forecasting is also integral to the supply chain process. By predicting upcoming business changes based on old data, the players in the field find it much easier to reap better results each time.

Avercast has been a force to reckon with in the field in the past few years, and the effect is clearly visible today. Over the decades, Avercast systems have been improved to ensure the accuracy of their forecasts. The organization has maximized the revenue for their clients while minimizing the losses in the supply chain, aiming to deliver an over-the-top customer service experience every time.

The Avercast team is passionate about providing best-in-class supply chain solutions to clients. The guarantee of accurate forecasts with the help of 250+ forecasting algorithms developed over the years is more than attractive for potential clients looking for the right software to help their efforts.

Founded in 2008, Avercast has an exciting history that is almost as interesting as the results that the organization has been delivering. Gene Averill, a leading pioneer in the demand management software industry, established the firm with more than 40 years of experience in the field. During his service in the military, he demonstrated outstanding skills in math, which led him to acquire invaluable supply chain expertise. He developed the world’s first automated supply chain planning software. He was the head developer until January 2018. His guidance made Avercast an industry-leading forecasting software provider specializing in customized solutions that help clients resolve their industry-specific supply chain problems.

Avercast’s demand forecasting software is one of the best available today. The company has designed the software with a focus on helping businesses balance supply and demand in the best way possible. In over 74 countries, businesses worldwide have used these tools to balance supply and demand effectively. This award-winning demand forecasting software can help predict demand and make plans to meet upcoming consumer demand efficiently.

We provide one of the best demand planning software in the market. We use historical data, competitor analysis, seasonality, trend analysis, market analysis, and more to ensure all demand-altering factors are considered. A thorough what-if analysis ensures that your business is prepared for any situation. — Berkley Stafford, CEO

Avercast is designed to address the user’s specific needs in forecasting and demand planning. The software generates the numbers and gives the user confidence that they have the most accurate forecast. With over 40 years of supply chain experience, engineering, best-practice consulting, and customized enhancements, Avercast’s offerings are always the ideal forecasting solution tailored to your business needs.

It is always said that planning demands involve multiple factors. Doing this manually is time-consuming, inefficient, and error-prone. For any company to succeed in today’s fast-paced world, it is recommended to use demand planning software to plan the demand better. Avercast offers accurate demand planning software that lets clients forecast and plan their demand for up to five years.

With over 250 forecasting algorithms developed over the years to forecast your demand with up to 99% accuracy, losing sales and wastage associated with unplanned demand is no longer a concern. By analyzing past sales data, seasonality analysis, and market analysis and accounting for all the factors that affect your demand, you can use the forecast to plan your inventory better and ensure you have the right inventory, in the right place, at the right time.