AWS Unveils India’s Inaugural Space Technology Accelerator Program, in Collaboration with T-Hub and Minfy

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) India Private Limited introduced the AWS Space Accelerator: India, a comprehensive initiative offering technical guidance, business expertise, and mentorship to nurture startups dedicated to space technology.

Collaborating with T-Hub and Minfy, this program aims to expedite the growth of such startups. It marks AWS’s inaugural accelerator program in India focused on space sector startups, building upon the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that was signed with ISRO and IN-SPACe in September last year. This partnership aims to foster the development of space-tech startups and promote innovation within the sector.

During the 14-week accelerator program, India-based startups will gain access to dedicated business resources, expertise, and guidance covering both technological and business aspects.

With a focus on leveraging AWS services, the program aims to assist startups in building, expanding, and scaling their missions within the space sector. The program is inclusive of both early-stage and established startups located in India whose endeavors align with space exploration.

Those seeking a technological platform for their ideas and aiming to accelerate their growth and investment prospects are encouraged to apply. Interested startups can find further details and register via the provided link until March 17th, 2024.

The accelerator program aims to tackle these challenges by offering space tech startups the chance to develop and test their solutions using simulation technologies on AWS before committing to significant capital investments. This approach enables startups to conduct rapid experimentation at a low cost, refining and improving their solutions before moving forward with launching and scaling them.

Qualified startups can benefit from up to US$100,000 in AWS credits, expert guidance from ISRO, IN-SPACe, and AWS, and business/technology support from T-Hub and Minfy. They’ll explore space tech and learn to leverage space data for scalable solutions using cloud computing, data analytics, and machine learning, including generative AI.

Space tech has diverse applications like agriculture, aviation, climate change, disaster management, financial services, maritime, and wildlife conservation, offering startups opportunities to develop impactful solutions.

ISRO, as part of its mission to promote space-tech awareness and advance India’s space sector, will explore the MoU with AWS and provide support within departmental guidelines to foster startup innovation.

IN-SPACe, aligning with India’s vision for space economy growth, will back the accelerator program within established frameworks to engage with the domestic space-tech community.

Submissions for the AWS Space Accelerator: India program are currently being accepted. Applications will be evaluated based on various criteria, including the novelty and creativity of the startup’s solution, its alignment with market needs, the potential impact on space-tech innovation and sustainability, the effective use of AWS technology, and the team’s capability to execute the proposed opportunity.

The AWS Space Accelerator: India represents AWS’s dedication to fostering startup innovation in the global space industry. Building on this commitment, AWS has organized three previous editions of the AWS Space Accelerator program, facilitating participation from startups worldwide.

Several startups, such as Blue Sky Analytics, originating from India and now based in the Netherlands, and Kawa, headquartered in San Francisco with Indian offices, have utilized these programs to enhance and expand their solutions.

Since 2006, AWS has been the leading cloud provider with over 240 services spanning various domains globally. AWS India Private Limited is responsible for distributing and promoting AWS Cloud services across India.

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