Axiom Metrics- Data-Driven Studies: Faster and smarter results delivered

In a world currently engulfed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) have never been more important. In fact, they have played a vital if not an invaluable role in the development trials of the COVID-19 vaccine. But the integral question remains, what does Axiom Metrics bring to the table that is devoid in other CTMS solutions?

Axiom Metrics is a company that has encompassed all the requirements of clinical trials into a one-stop integrated platform. It has created an optimal CTMS solution that offers companies unsolicited real-time access to metrics and simplified data that is collected from on-going clinical trials.

Perhaps the feature that makes this a quintessential solution is its ability to adapt to suit unique needs. Small companies running localized and initial Phase I studies can opt for a base configuration that unlocks Data Management (DM), Electronic Data Capture (EDC), and Adverse Event/Serious Adverse Event Tracking. Yet if a CRO (Clinical Research Organization) happens to be managing something a little more advanced, they have the ability to add on modules that could potentially be imperative to a particular study. 

But the data-driven insights that are provided by Axiom Metrics enable a seamless integration of technology and the foremost of human intelligence. To put it simply,Since the time of its inception Axiom Metrics as led by Andrew Schachter has worked profusely to deliver advanced trailblazing clinical tools and solutions.”

Axiom’s technology is second to none as it empowers one to relieve themselves of several labor-intensive tasks that come up in the process of clinical trial management through a solution proliferating across fifteen modules upon a single easy to use platform.

The areas that help put Axiom Metrics up at the top are as follows:

  • The elimination of manual reconciliation
  • Study Activity Notifications provided in a real-time environment
  • Over 75 Real-Time PM Reports
  • Embedded Randomization of IWRS Inventories
  • Single Access Sign In
  • Dedicated customer care and value of every investment

With a key belief of “Starting with the end in Mind ” and a think, deploy, and launch process, Axion Metrics ensures that the basis of any project will start from a well-thought-out process. The solutions offered by its eClinical Suite work to assure the real-time availability of data, lower costs in the long run, reduce the burden on team resources, and automate key tasks.

As Axiom Metrics presents a Unified System representing a comprehensive clinical trial solution at a time like this, one is inclined to consider the role that CTMS solutions have played in the development of the COVID-19 vaccine. This indeed sparks a revelation into the works and the applications of such an excellent solution.

Through the undeniable results that Axiom Metrics has shown, one can be assured of these CTMS solutions’ compelling nature. It is time to make better decisions on a quicker timeline using unified technologies, backed with an unmatched service.

Axiom Metrics incorporates the highest safety and security standards that are deeply entangled within its CTMS products. The company’s mission to drive collaboration through real-time and actionable data is a force to be reckoned with, as it propels a groundbreaking CTMS platform.

The Fusion eClinical Suite is ready to serve, through its real-time dashboards, patient profile reports, data listings, and eventually its SAS outputs. It offers a result-oriented CTMS solution with a greater-than-self ideology, seeking to advance clinical trials in a way that makes them safer, more accurate, reliable, and ultimately more effective. In times like these, it is companies like Axiom Metrics that truly make a lasting difference.