Bentley: Advancing Infrastructure

Building infrastructure can be an extremely complex process, because of dynamic challenges like site conditions, materials, owner preferences, specification changes, weather, and coordination between on-site personnel.  To mitigate risks, increase accountability, and ensure a seamless workflow, end-to-end software solutions need to be incorporated, so that these issues can be effectively addressed.

Bentley Systems is an infrastructure engineering software company that has earned a place for itself amongst the world’s leading companies since its inception in 1984. Its innovative solutions are aimed at advancing the world’s infrastructure, to sustain both the economy and environment, on a global scale.

At its core, Bentley is a software development company whose mission is to provide best-in-class solutions to support the professional requirements of those responsible for creating, building, and managing the world’s infrastructure, including but not limited to, airports, skyscrapers, industrial plants, bridges, power plants, and utility networks.

The company delivers solutions that cover the entire lifecycle of the infrastructure asset, and are perfectly tailored for various professionals, like architects, planners, engineers, contractors, geospatial professions, fabricators, or IT managers, who will work on and with the asset over the course of its lifetime.

Its diverse range of solutions consists of integrated applications and services that are built on an open platform. Every solution has been designed in such a way that it ensures a smooth flow of information between workflow processes, and project team members, therefore bolstering collaboration and interoperability.

The company’s commitment to its community of users extends beyond the mere delivery of comprehensive, integrated software. In fact, Bentley ensures that all of its products are paired with an exceptional service and support system, including full-time access to technical support teams, product training that enables a continuous learning experience, a global professional services organization, online seminars, and even academic programs.

The customer-centric approach adopted by this infrastructure pioneer resonates with its commitment to the current, and future generations of infrastructure professionals. Its array of products, potent global presence, and pronounced emphasis on its commitment to its clients, have indeed elevated Bentley to much more than a run-of-the-mill software company; it is an engaged, functioning member of the global community.

Bentley also attributes its success and accolades to the skills, dedication, and involvement of its experienced colleagues. “At Bentley, we believe that our colleagues are our most important assets. Our growth and resilience have been achieved through the hard work of our colleagues, and the incredible loyalty from our users.”, says Greg Bentley, the CEO, and Chairperson of the Board, at Bentley Systems.

Bentley’s high-quality, advanced solutions are used by various professionals involved in the infrastructure sector, and also organizations of every size, for the design, construction, and operation of rail and transit, water and wastewater systems, roads and bridges, buildings and campuses, industrial facilities, public works, and utilities.

With its solutions, Bentley empowers companies to design, build and operate more productively, collaborate better on a global scale, and deliver infrastructure assets that perform more sustainably with discipline-specific applications, and services. The solutions, therefore, improve information mobility across the project team, in question. Every product is tailored to the specific capabilities that different professionals on a broad spectrum of infrastructure roles require.

Bentley enables all project participants to precisely and easily access and manage data or geometry, across the project’s lifecycle without any disruption, irrespective of format. This creates a productive environment for comprehensive project delivery, where teams can share and integrate both modeling and documentation workflows across disciplines.

Teams working on projects of any size and complexity have a personalized experience because of the capabilities and learning tools provided in personal, enterprise, and project contexts. Therefore, they can make better, faster decisions with the clear, preemptive insights, and immediate feedback that’s made possible through all-round visibility into the design and project performance data.

Some notable solutions amongst the company’s range of offerings include MicroStation-based applications, that can be utilized for realistic simulations and modeling, ProjectWise for project delivery, and the iTwin platform, for infrastructure digital twins.

The solutions on the MicroStation platform are considered to be the CAD (Computer-Aided Design) leaders when it comes to infrastructure design. The platform helps firms around the world to work with huge data sets. By generating accurate 2D and 3D drawings for any size of data set, Microstation enables firms to handle the scale of data that’s demanded by infrastructure projects, with ease. With a straightforward interface, infrastructure companies can quickly master its configurable environment, with tools like video tutorials, in-app learning, and extensive support.

Bentley’s ProjectWise platform facilitates seamless project collaboration and thereby maximizes design productivity by bringing data, teams, and workflows together under the umbrella of a single system. It is agile, secure, and scalable, and is therefore capable of streamlining project implementation, to meet the stakeholder’s specific needs. The transparency of the project timeline is vital to its success. In line with this, ProjectWise’s on-demand dashboard can be automated to reveal past, present, and future project performance.

The COVID-10 pandemic disrupted the way infrastructure organizations worked. The ProjectWise platform has been quite instrumental during these testing times when firms needed to collaborate remotely, and at the same time ensure that quality and accuracy were maintained. By boosting productivity the trusted platform equipped global firms to meet their deadlines.

Bentley’s solutions are powered by its iTwin platform, which, as its name suggests, provides the foundation for building digital twin solutions. iTwin accelerates application development, to solve complex challenges in data integration, change tracking, visualization, and security. It facilitates revenue generation, standardization of digital data formats for clients, and the implementation or deployment of solutions within the organization.

For 36 years, we have served engineers with our software, passionately believing that better performing and more resilient infrastructure is essential to improve the quality of life for people everywhere, sustain our environment, and grow our economies,” says Greg Bentley. This statement is evident given the level of trust companies place in Bentley Systems, and the rapid growth it has witnessed. Today, more than 4,000 colleagues across 172 countries are a part of Bentley Systems, advancing infrastructure, together.

As the global infrastructure space continues to become more advanced, Bentley, with its customer-centric approach, will undoubtedly continue to make a difference and make the process seamless, effective, and resilient.