Bentley Systems – Infrastructure Engineering Software

One of the critical fundamentals of today’s competitive economy is ensuring the final product is of superior quality, passes all stages of the implementation cycle, and is built on proper research and data. Bentley Systems makes it possible for companies to deliver the best products and services by gaining insights needed to refine products before entering production. With its diverse range of digital twin software and solutions, Bentley Systems effectively digitalizes physical assets, giving a comprehensive overview of their characteristics, performance, and room for improvement.

As one of the best digital twin companies, Bentley Systems connects physical and virtual worlds with realistic digital representations of physical assets, systems, and cities. The company’s digital twin platform combines disparate engineering data into a federated environment without disrupting current processes while aligning engineering data with reality geospatial, IoT, and other operational data.

Bentley Systems has revolutionized the digital twin technology industry by equipping companies with cutting-edge tools to visualize and track changes, integrate disparate data into federated environments to predict future inspections and obtain analytics visibility and insights through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Bentley iTwin platform has laid the perfect digital twin foundation to assist development teams in building SaaS solutions to design and operate infrastructure assets. This platform accelerates application development by handling data integration, visualization, change tracking, and security processes, whether companies are building SaaS solutions for their clients or implementing bespoke solutions in their own organizations.

With three software solutions on a single platform, Bentley iTwin is a one-stop solution to reducing the cost and time of managing assets, enhancing the quality of internal and external services, and eliminating asset risks and liabilities.

Bentley iTwin comprises the iTwin Capture software that turns reality data into real-world insights for digital twin models. This comprehensive software creates and improves engineering-ready data, from reality meshes and classified point clouds to anonymized images, using any digital camera, scanner, or mobile mapping gadget. With iTwin Capture, companies can federate all reality data, regardless of the size or type, and securely store and share large amounts of reality data in a connected data environment while granting user access. Furthermore, this software leverages interoperable formats to integrate them into any workflow, ensuring quick data validation and timely delivery to stakeholders.

Going digital is the key to industrializing infrastructure delivery. It will help the industry catch up to manufacturing by turning formerly analog processes into automated, digital workflows. — Greg Bentley, CEO

The second software integrated into the iTwin platform, iTwin IoT, builds a sustainable and resilient infrastructure designed by data twin experts. It is a centralized solution for remotely monitoring and managing all instrumentation systems and sensor data and gaining visibility into current and past performance.

As regulators and stakeholders demand more transparency and accurate representation of the current performance, iTwin IoT provides actionable insights, allowing companies to make quick and precise operational decisions by connecting any instrumentation system, IoT connectivity device, or smart sensor and using the open interoperability of iTwin without vendor lock-ins. This software makes data visualization and analysis across timelines easier by collecting and assessing data from multiple monitoring sources with iTwin Viewer. iTwin IoT also comprises customizable dashboards, real-time notifications, custom alarms, and reporting for a personalized experience and ensuring compliance reporting.

iTwin Experience is the third critical software implemented on the iTwin platform. It democratizes and simplifies siloed data into an intuitive global view, providing a more precise context for stakeholders. This software also empowers decision-makers with accessible intel from multiple sources that offer scalable, open, and contextual information, making analysis seamless. The iTwin Experience software also opens channels for interaction with stakeholders by immersing them in a holistic digital twin, which can be built upon and tailored remotely per requirements.

Formed in 1984, Bentley Systems has decades of experience and expertise in transforming the digital twin landscape and supporting enterprises worldwide. One of Bentley Systems’ clients, a leader in the utilities industry, distributes drinking water and manages wastewater by leveraging innovative technologies to deliver high-quality services. The company approved a five-year plan to enhance performance, improve reliability, increase efficiency, boost the customer experience, and reduce costs.

The utility provider sought Bentley’s OpenFlow WaterSight. This product combined information technologies like GIS and asset data, operational technologies, such as SCADA, and engineering applications like hydraulic simulation tools to drive performance and customer satisfaction. With an implemented digital twin, the company could effortlessly replicate data from its enterprise systems in a managed cloud environment, organize data in real-time, and configure operational applications. Bentley’s digital twin model helped the company reduce operational and capital expenditures, optimize investments, and improve overall customer service.