Biden and Trump Set to Face Off in 2024 US Presidential Election?

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As the United States gears up for the 2024 presidential election, all eyes are on a potential rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

The stage is set for a high-stakes political battle, with Biden being the oldest candidate in US history and Trump facing legal challenges with 91 charges and four trials looming. The implications of this election extend far beyond American borders, with global observers closely monitoring the potential outcomes.

The contest, expected to be a rerun of the 2020 election, has early polls suggesting that voters may prefer a different pairing, but Biden and Trump remain the front-runners.

With most rivals already knocked out, the world is watching as the race to the White House takes shape, a race that will undoubtedly have international consequences.

President Biden’s term has been marked by active involvement in military affairs abroad, supporting Israel’s actions in Gaza and Ukraine’s stance against Russia. In contrast, Trump, known for his ‘America First’ approach, has focused on domestic issues but has firmly backed Israel in the past.

As the campaign unfolds, the major issues for voters range from the economy, inflation, healthcare, and gun control, to immigration. While foreign policy matters, the domestic agenda will likely take center stage in deciding the election’s outcome.

Leslie Vinjamuri, Director of the US and Americas Programme at Chatham House, notes the stark choice that US voters will face if the contest boils down to Biden versus Trump. However, she emphasizes the dynamic nature of politics and the long period until November, pointing out the uncertainty surrounding Trump’s legal challenges and the potential changes in foreign policy teams.

Trita Parsi, Executive Vice President at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, highlights concerns among Western countries about a second Trump presidency. Despite Biden’s initial intentions for European and Ukrainian support, Parsi expresses skepticism about the continuity of such policies, especially with potential constraints from Congress.

Democratic Party political strategist Arshad Hasan weighs in on the concerns about Trump’s appeal to younger voters. He argues that the younger generation, Gen Z and Millennials, remains anti-Trump, and Democrats need to address key issues, such as the situation in the Middle East, to secure their support.

As the candidates position themselves, Biden seems set to secure the Democratic nomination, despite potential challenges from within his base. The election’s stakes are high, with the shadow of the January 6th insurrection still looming large, raising concerns about the future of American democracy.

The debate around foreign policy, particularly in the Middle East, is gaining traction, with criticisms of Biden’s handling of Israel’s actions in Gaza. The potential for a prolonged conflict could impact voter sentiments, especially among those who oppose US involvement in wars.

As the world watches the unfolding dynamics, the 2024 US presidential election is poised to have profound international consequences. The contrasting foreign policy approaches of Biden and Trump, coupled with the domestic issues at play, will shape the direction of global affairs for years to come. The countdown to November begins, with the world holding its breath to see who will emerge victorious in this high-stakes political showdown.

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