Biodesix – Diagnostic Tests for Lung Cancer

As a trusted partner for end-to-end diagnostic services, Biodesix is a multi-omic company (specializing in genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics) leveraging state of the art technologies paired with their proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) platform to discover, develop and commercialize diagnostic tests for clinical unmet needs.

Biodesix follows the principle that a multi-omic approach is key to truly understanding a patient’s disease state, response to disease and ultimately effectively guiding treatment.  Biodesix’ extensively validated patented AI platform, the Diagnostic Cortex, has been optimized for the discovery of clinical diagnostics tests from multiple technologies, including genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and clinical data.  The Diagnostic Cortex Test Discovery Platform has been developed, improved, and perfected over the last 12 years, and it was done specifically to find clinically relevant tests for diagnostics.

The team at Biodesix is committed to solving the unsolvable via science and, as a result, enhancing patient care. It works hard as a dedicated partner to improve patient care standards and it enables precision medicine by providing clinicians with the correct information at the right moment.

Proteomics, the large-scale study of proteins, is the latest trend in the diagnostics industry. Biodesix integrates proteomic technologies into its service offerings and test-discovery methodologies. These technologies are a great fit for the Diagnostic Cortex, boosting its opportunity to discover new proprietary diagnostic tests.   Biodesix follows a very unique proteomic approach, where it utilizes a mix of proteomic techniques ranging from peptide to whole protein methods. These methods provide high-quality, highly reproducible data that Biodesix uses alongside the Diagnostic Cortex to answer clinical questions.

Biodesix expects that using these technologies will result in significant gains in the predictive ability of newly found tests, as well as a much better knowledge of the biology of various outcome groups.

Through its published research as well as commercial diagnostic products, Biodesix is an established frontrunner in proteomics in the diagnostic industry. With over 15 years of expertise, five on-market proteomic tests, and two other proteomic tests in development, it contributes an abundance of knowledge in proteomics.

Today, Biodesix stands proud of its commitment to providing personalized patient care. Biodesix is dedicated to adding to its increasing body of clinical findings by publishing and sharing fresh information and analytics on the clinical validity and value of its diagnostic tests.

Because disease biology is complicated, Biodesix takes a holistic approach to diagnostic research, examining both genetic tumor mutations and a patient’s immune response to cancer. This holistic approach assists in the discovery of new disease insights for biopharmaceutical medicines in clinical development. Biodesix’ approach to precision medicine provides physicians with deep insights to help personalize their patient’s care and meaningfully improve disease detection, evaluation and treatment.  Biodesix provides further diagnostic services in the realm of biopharmaceutics, supporting known biomarker feasibility and impartial diagnostic research. Its services include biomarker research, assay design, development and validation, clinical trial testing, and commercialization.

“We are relentless in our efforts to be the trusted partner the world relies on for data-driven diagnostic solutions in lung disease. We boldly question the status quo and employ proprietary AI methods to help solve complex diagnostic challenges faced by physicians, biopharma, and academic researchers. We are proud and dedicated to personalizing patient care” says Scott Hutton, Chief Executive Officer

Biodesix strives to find solutions to complicated diagnostic problems, and it believes that its products offer physicians fast and actionable data that can help them tailor their patients’ care and enhance disease diagnosis, assessment, and treatment.

Biodesix has been able to standardize key technologies to the point that they are reliable and reproducible enough to be utilized in commercial clinical diagnostic tests, which is something that other companies have not been successful in accomplishing.

Biodesix has also kept focus on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic . As society continues to survive during and after the onset of the pandemic, the Biodesix WorkSafe Program combines the latest in COVID-19 testing technology with best in class solutions to support the safe operation of businesses, colleges and universities, sports, and other recreational activities.