Blackbaud – Cloud Software Built for the World’s Most Inspiring Teams

Blackbaud is one of the world’s leading cloud software companies and is a major driving force behind the digital transformation of today’s society. It equips community-oriented services with the necessary technology needed to power social good. With its unique outlook on business, Blackbaud serves nonprofits, foundations, institutions, and individual change agents that strive to bring positive outcomes in society.

In an age where crime is propagated through digital platforms, Blackbaud aims to amplify the effectiveness of the positive impact of their products and solutions throughout the community. It is a company that’s 100% focused on building a better world through cloud computing, making it the most trusted choice for millions of users in over a hundred countries.

Among Blackbaud’s popular solutions, one that has received tremendous attention of late is the Raiser’s Edge NXT. Raiser’s Edge NXT is a comprehensive cloud-based fundraising and donor management software solution that guarantees a better user experience, at the cost of minimum manual effort.

With its ability to provide cutting-edge infrastructure, engage supporters, and streamline data, the platform is an all-in-one complete nonprofit management software system for any organization. Raiser’s Edge NXT also helps in reporting and multiple administrative processes.

This effective solution by Blackbaud was also featured in Microsoft’s #BuildFor2030 campaign.  Michael Gianoni, President and CEO of Blackbaud, tweeted, “We’re proud of the real impact our customers achieve with this purpose-built tool.

As a shared value company, Blackbaud aims to build processes that ensure the overall integrity of an organization, while simultaneously driving social good and addressing market needs. This not only makes for a successful business model but also creates lasting value for its users and their missions.

Further benefiting the community, Blackbaud has also developed many grant management and fundraising solutions. Some of these have become highly useful for educational institutions.

“We’re energized to see the success higher ed institutions are having with Blackbaud Guided Fundraising. Our algorithms help schools reach the right donors at the right time and raise more money,” says Micheal Gianoni.

With platforms like YourCause GrantsConnect, and Student Information System, the functioning of many educational institutions has become significantly smoother. The YourCause GrantsConnect solution supports users throughout the lifecycle of a grant program.

With the help of these efficient programs and its CSRconnect employee engagement platform, Blackbaud helps organizations make more informed decisions on grant applicants. Users can quickly review the applicant’s relationship to the organization. They can search for the nonprofit applicant and also view their volunteering history with the organization to better understand the true scope of support.

Blackbaud’s services are not solely restricted to corporations, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions. Faith communities and healthcare organizations are other sectors that Blackbaud aims to serve.

Enabling churches and dioceses to grow their community is another of Blackbaud’s goals. It is invested in helping your mission build relationships with donors and congregants, and manage communications, events, and finances with digital solutions. Blackbaud Church Management and Fund Accounting software is the major player in connecting faith communities with cloud services.

To truly make a positive impact on the community, resolving the challenges faced by the healthcare sector is something that cannot be overlooked, especially in light of the pandemic. Blackbaud offers fundraising, analytical, and donor engagement solutions, that decrease the impact of soaring costs, decreasing reimbursement, and siloed organizational structures in healthcare.

Not only does Blackbaud create unique solutions for the healthcare system, but it also ensures that these products and solutions are easily accessible to all. This way, Blackbaud perpetuates healthcare philanthropy and transforms the community it collaborates with. In conclusion, Blackbaud can only be described as an innovation engine that continues to play a crucial role in driving advances in social issues of every kind.