Bluebird Network – Network and Data Center Services

Strong communications infrastructure and access to mission-critical applications and data are hallmarks of today’s digital business environment. Bluebird enables organizations to collaborate seamlessly from any location, streamline connections between HQ and manufacturing sites, share information between medical facilities, and more. Never before have strong, reliable communications been more important.

Lessons learned in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic have forever changed with way business is done. One lasting impact, the advent of remote work, is no longer a theoretical and businesses need top-notch telecom solutions to manage more flexible work routines. With the right solutions, financial advisors and doctors can privately access highly sensitive data via the cloud. Educators can communicate internally, work on documents in real-time, and participate in multimedia conferences all from one device. Collaboration, innovation, and increased efficiency across an organization isn’t possible without the technology Bluebird supports.

Developed from a homegrown aggregation of local networks, Bluebird is now a communications infrastructure leader, a Midwest powerhouse with over 10,000 route miles of world-class fiber network connections, two owned and operated data centers, and some of the world’s greatest internet. CAIDA (Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis) has ranked the company’s fiber backbone in the top 1 percent of networks in the world. Bluebird has more than tripled its sales and more than quadrupled its staff in less than a decade, thanks to a savvy and forward-thinking CEO focused on expansion.

Michael Morey, President and CEO of Bluebird, said in an interview, “Everything in our industry is about pushing infrastructure closer and closer to the edge, be that wireless or fiber. The demand spike during and after Covid sped this up and Bluebird was already at the forefront of this movement. Our network is so strong, the latency, jitter and packet loss statistics are a high-water mark for all networks. Our purpose and focus as a business is to create a super-regional network throughout the Midwest, and because of that goal we’re well-established to handle the demand teed up for the coming several years.”

Bluebird does four things and excels in all each area. They understand that organizations need specialized tools to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive landscape. So the company engineers custom, multi-location fiber connectivity, data center solutions, private cloud access, and best-in-class dedicated internet services to fulfil its clients’ requirements.

Bluebird’s specialty is building fast, secure, and private communications networks between multiple organizational sites. Their reputation can be judged from the level of trust that some of the Midwest’s largest government, financial and medical institutions have in the company. Bluebird is event trusted to supply the world’s largest cellular carriers with internet to keep their services running. That same level of world-class internet can be leveraged by local businesses too, not just the mega-corporations.

Its technologies are secure and resilient, while solutions are creatively innovative. Bluebird’s signature private cloud on-ramps offer organizations instant access to business data and applications, while reducing egress fees. Bluebird colocation and data center services also empower banks, hospitals, and school systems by providing connectivity in and out of its two data centers, allowing them to push and pull data from ultra-secure locations.

The company’s name ‘Bluebird Network’ was inspired by Missouri’s official state bird. It’s a sign of happiness and prosperity. While providing world-class services, Bluebird Network celebrates the bird’s hardworking spirit and success.

With over 74,000 on-net and near-net buildings and towers connected across over 10,000 route miles of high-speed fiber-optic connections, Bluebird is truly breaking all levels of achievements and productivity.