BlueConic- Powers your data-driven business processes to accelerate growth.

In today’s digital age, where information is central to all operations—external and internal—data is the tool that binds information and operations together. However, as data mounts, companies increasingly seek new-age solutions to process, interpret, and leverage vast datasets. This is where BlueConic thrives. At the forefront of the data revolution, BlueConic designs and implements innovative solutions to transfer enterprises’ first-party data from obsolete systems to make it instantly accessible in a way that drives business growth and strengthens customer relationships.

BlueConic stands out in the market by offering unique features that unify data into sustainable, individual profiles and incorporate it across customer touchpoints and applications to support various operations. At its core, BlueConic empowers organizations by revolutionizing five critical business growth points with its consumer data platform: unified customer profiles, multi-dimensional segmentation, customer lifecycle orchestration, modeling and analytics, and connections.

The BlueConic customer data platform is designed for speed, scalability, and flexibility. It transforms how business teams function and utilize data to improve customer interaction and accelerate business development. This platform provides teams with immediate access to unified, actionable, and consented first-party data, supporting over 6.8 billion BlueConic profiles and more than 8,000 active integrations in a mere 0.0024 seconds from the first intent stage to the final interaction stage.

The unified customer profiles component is a key feature of BlueConic, offering an advanced solution to centralize all first-party data from systems and sources to gain a single customer view. This feature captures unlimited insights into every individual using high-quality data accounts to unify individual consent status, frequency of data updates, and the timeline of all events, creating comprehensive customer records for instant categorization, orchestration, and analysis across multiple channels.

Furthermore, with unified customer profiles, organizations can choose from the platform’s pre-built connections to import data from all relevant systems into unique tech stacks. This feature allows companies to merge profiles for better customer understanding using unique identifiers and probabilistic models. Moreover, it groups profiles based on accounts to view related customers holistically and leverage aggregated data to manage brand-wide customer profiles while ensuring consent and data privacy to eliminate risks related to consumer data.

BlueConic’s platform reduces the reliance on manual lists and multiple teams with its cutting-edge multi-dimensional segmentation tool. With a user-friendly interface, customers can create segments within the platform without depending on IT help or extensive or even essential SQL knowledge. It automatically segments real-time updates according to customer profile changes, such as behavior, preference, interest, and score changes. Furthermore, it supports real-time activation that centrally manages segments and provides real-time updates by connecting to other systems in the martech stack.

In a world governed by data, BlueConic helps organizations navigate this sphere by allowing them to control how and where they activate their data to improve the results of lifecycle marketing programs. In addition to multi-dimensional segmentation and unified customer profiles, the BlueConic customer data platform enables customer lifecycle orchestration. Users can use the ‘Lifecycles’ feature to organize, coordinate, and visualize cross-channel marketing touchpoints built to seamlessly transition customers from one lifecycle stage to another.

Keeping the importance of customer experience at the forefront, BlueConic offers personalization templates called Dialogues, which enable businesses to define the audiences, concept, and time of their messages. It also provides new insights into customer lifecycle marketing programs to give a comprehensive view of customers’ entry, exit, and movement across all lifecycle phases and analyze the outcomes of personalized communication.

Tools that automate segmentation and other critical tasks give marketing, customer experience, and other growth-focused teams more time and freedom to experiment and the ability to act more quickly and nimbly when business conditions and consumer behaviors change. — Cory Munchbach, CEO

BlueConic believes in reforming the data analytics industry by adopting a customer-driven approach. Each business has a unique business model and profile database—BlueConic empowers enterprises to set the speed at which they want to run models using a modeling and analytics feature. Along with tailored solutions, this feature integrates with artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a workbench for business users and data scientists, where they can apply pre-built notebooks or incorporate their own models.

The user-friendly interface of the modeling and analytics tool offers models, such as CLV, RFM, and propensity, which, when applied to data, schedule models to run at the preferred speed. It also enables testing and optimizing customer experiences from the platform itself using traditional A/B testing strategies, automatically enhancing customer service based on the best-performing strategy, or applying more advanced models using the AI workbench.

The final component that the BlueConic consumer data platform focuses on is establishing connections. It unifies and activates first-party customer data across the entire ecosystem through named and universal integrations that BlueConic offers. The campaign management and email tool collects behavioral data from web and mobile networks and connects them to email marketing and campaign management tools to generate individualized messages based on real-time user engagement. It also leverages analytics and big data to modify BlueConic profiles and optimize segments or send individual-level data to systems to improve the profiles.

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, BlueConic has over a decade of experience helping companies analyze their data. It recently assisted a leading global appliance company that sells a variety of home appliances in over 120 markets in leveraging customer interest data to drive sales and boost customer engagement.

Using its Segments and Connections platforms, BlueConics helped the client identify and categorize customers according to product interests. BlueConics also deployed its AI workbench to process and match product price reductions with customer interests, establish an e-commerce integration using API calls to notify the platform of price reductions and send targeted emails to interested customers.

With BlueConic’s assistance, the appliance company successfully matched data monitored in the BlueConic platform with customer profile data, allowing the client to automate the generation and sending of timely, relevant emails to targeted customers regarding price drops. The Price Drop strategy exponentially increased the client’s growth by directly generating a five-figure revenue within the first month. It also skyrocketed web engagement and e-commerce conversion rates by increasing e-commerce rates by 80% and reducing the bounce rates by 20%.