Bluecrux – Supply chain consulting solutions at the Cutting X

Supply chain systems are finding it increasingly challenging to keep up with the rising complexities in the industry. The element of uncertainty characteristic of this decade is a key factor, among others, that shapes the solutions supply chain companies need. Bluecrux is a value chain consulting and technology company that helps transform supply chains into smart, efficient, fully integrated value chains.

Founded in 2011, Bluecrux is a community and company that works towards revamping the face of the supply chain industry. Growing quickly, Bluecrux has easily become one of the top value chain consulting and technology companies in 2023. The company’s brand relies on the belief that only true collaboration leads to innovation. They target their best efforts at the intersection of existing knowledge and customers’ ambition. This way, there are ample opportunities for these professionals to link expertise with technology and problem with purpose.

As a movement focusing on the golden intersection termed the Cutting X, Bluecrux’s solutions and products readily address all the concerns converging at this intersection. Every service offered by the company incorporates the latest data and digital practices and is tested for market disruption as well. Depending on the unique needs that each business has, Bluecrux shapes its solutions to fit right. By innovating with various unique complexities in mind, the company is instrumental in the evolution of supply chains to value chains.

Since we began in 2011, we’ve always strived to provide fit-to-purpose solutions alongside our client’s teams. To make a difference with our unique way of working, building a movement together. This allows clients to get to know who we are and what we can achieve together, right from the outset. That can only end in a great journey. — Koen Jaspers, CEO

Bluecrux’s journey gives importance to sustainable change. By developing solutions through collaborations and implementing them with the client company’s culture in mind, long-term and successful changes are sustained. This is the only way for companies to rise to the challenges that keep appearing in the market.

A recent use case that shows the quality of work that Bluecrux delivers involves one of the largest FMCG companies in the world. Owning nearly 500 brands across 100 countries in the world, this client needed a demand-driven supply chain. The challenges in achieving this goal involved increasing the traceability from grain to shelf, reducing transportation and supply chain costs by working on self-driving operations, and managing the increasing sales volume.

Bluecrux supported the company in defining the business use cases and scenarios in the new way of working for MPS, DS, MRP, and SNP. Business testing of functional software delivery was another area Bluecrux assisted in. Through data definition and delivery support, the client was able to tackle the challenges that hindered their optimal performance. Bluecrux was also able to create and deliver training in project planning and management as well as stakeholder management to meet the customer’s needs.

As a result, Bluecrux was able to streamline processes to work in a demand-driven environment to manage short-term exceptions. The company also enjoyed enhanced capabilities to run what-if scenarios and visualize the impact on different key business metrics. Such unique solutions make it easier for the clients to assimilate into their existing systems and operations.

Bluecrux is insistent on taking businesses to the forefront of tomorrow’s value chains with their solutions. With fit-for-purpose technologies and specialized consulting services at the forefront, the brand is all about building a movement and community. Values like curiosity, empathy and a desire to make things better are visible in every venture of the Bluecrux team. For every client, Bluecrux is a trusted companion on the journey to shape the future by improving it today.