Blume Global – Supply Chain Solutions

It is not too far-fetched to say that supply chain management is one of the pillars that today’s economy rests on. There are many players in the field of supply chain management but it cannot be said that all of them meet the standards that global consumers have set. However, Blume Global is a step ahead of everyone here.

For all those who have not noticed the buzz that this company has created in the past year alone, Blume Global is a supply chain ecosystem that takes initiative to provide a neutral and open platform across trading partners to boost asset optimization, predictive visibility, and traceability. The brand is purpose-driven and ethical in its trade and makes significant contributions to creating a more sustainable environment through its business model.

Building an orchestrated collaborative supply chain that addresses social and environmental challenges is a remarkable feat and Blume Global continues to do this every day. The use of environmentally sustainable practices is often set aside because of worries regarding efficiency, practicality, and responsibility. Blume Global’s steady rise is proof that such worries have no base and that sustainable best practices have so much potential.

Blume’s ability to stay on top of carbon emission reduction, visibility, and traceability does not come easily. Modern technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence are essentially giving a facelift to the supply chain industry, making all these possible. On the topic, Pervinder Johar, CEO of Blume Global says that the market is more focused on optimization now, rather than visibility like a few years ago.

The last three, four years, has made supply chain cool again, but that also means there is a lot of focus on it. The focus continues to be on resiliency…because disruptions are everywhere, and they continue. Additionally, a lot of market focus on optimization, where at the end of 2020, it was on visibility. — Pervinder Johar, CEO

Through the purpose-driven service that Blume specializes in, they promise the customers and partners the empowerment of small businesses and emerging economies and orchestrate the delivery of goods where they are needed most. The utilization of modern technology in Blume’s operations enables them to keep their promises.

One innovative solution put forward by Blume Global is the Control Tower. This is an efficient method to access multiple systems and correlate the available data to identify and prioritize exceptions that impact the business. The Control Tower also recommends options to resolve these exceptions.

Regarding control towers, CEO Johar states that their implementation began focusing on visibility: reporting and managing exceptions. Initially, using the solutions made everything look like a sci-fi movie, there even were monitoring quarters outfitted with large screens. However, the tech has taken a different form and different purposes today. For instance, Cognitive Command Centers are the latest version of Control Towers. They can help you with any task, starting with meeting On-Time, In Full (OTIF) commitments. The features include the capacity to plan and estimate how long it will take for a shipment to reach the destination, continuously updating the other party with estimated ETAs and other information, especially in case of delays, and responding using alternate means of communication.

As one of the top supply chain companies in 2023, Blume Global constantly seeks ways to make its products and solutions better for its partners. With new technology making its way into the market and evolving demands of the world, it is only natural that a supply chain company seeks to modify and improve its offerings. However, by doing it in an ethical and environmentally-conscious way that Blume Global is doing makes the results all the more worth waiting for.