Bringg – Delivery Management Platform for Retailers

Given today’s increasing need for digital services, companies rely on advanced solutions for better delivery management and customer experience. As a leading logistics solution provider, Bringg believes in transforming the delivery system. Bringg helps companies optimize their customer service and make their operations scalable.

With an emphasis on client and user satisfaction, Bringg manages the entire delivery lifecycle, from order placement to delivery to return. Its unified approach empowers organizations to monitor their delivery capacity at minimized costs and provide branded customer journeys.

Bringg’s open SaaS platform and well-structured network of delivery providers allow enterprises to offer customers diverse delivery options, from internal to external drivers, such as 3PL, carriers, crowdsourced fleets, or independent gig drivers.

Founded in 2013, Bringg possesses years of knowledge and expertise. Its logistics experts have created a centralized cloud platform that connects, automates, and arranges supply chain visibility, people, and providers. Bringg aims to make unique and advanced order delivery and fulfillment solutions accessible to everyone.

Bringg extends its services to various industries, including retail, food, and grocery. Its products and solutions allow companies to monitor their delivery schedule and design it according to customer requirements. Since every enterprise has individual needs, Bringg creates customizable products that fit different business models.

We help brands quickly scale up their business in an increasingly competitive world, with new fulfillment and delivery models that are optimized for greater cost efficiency and exceptional customer experiences. Together, we will continue to differentiate, meet increasing demand, and make an impact wherever our technology helps people,” said Guy Bloch, CEO of Bringg.

With its Last Mile Experience product, Bringg provides organizations with end-to-end visibility and control required to deliver unified and omnichannel experiences across various fulfillment models and touchpoints. This product connects supply chain systems, such as OMS, POS, e-commerce, and WMS, with internal and third-party fleets to centralize delivery and fulfillment requests.

Last Mile Experience supports on-demand, same-day, and scheduled requests, offers white glove and contactless delivery, ships from stores, sorting centers, MFC, or warehouses, and provides in-store and curbside pickups. It also enables locker delivery, alternate pickup or drop-off services, return and reverse logistics, and real-time delivery tracking.

Bringg’s Third Party Delivery product connects companies to leading delivery providers while enabling them to control their delivery operations and user experience entirely and retain complete visibility. It rapidly expands delivery capacities, allowing organizations to meet customer demands by offering them different delivery services, including revenue and geographic options.

In addition, Third Party Delivery manages third-party delivery providers, enabling customers to stay updated at every delivery portal. It lets enterprises customize and operate their personal delivery provider networks within Bringg’s Delivery Hub. Companies can select, manage, and optimize third-party services tailored to their objectives and fulfillment requirements.

Third-Party Delivery establishes contact with delivery providers on its client’s terms, manages provider payments, disputes billing challenges, and handles orders between multiple providers using its Fleet Router tool. Additionally, this product boosts productivity and efficiency in real-time by identifying performance gaps, such as canceled orders, and re-optimizes delivery options.

Fleet and Driver Management is another Bringg product that reduces fulfillment costs and increases customer satisfaction. It seamlessly manages all fleets, including internal and external, cost-effectively. Fleet and Driver Management also integrates third-party delivery contractors directly by synchronizing their technology. This tool customizes and automates fleet selection, accelerating delivery time, optimizing delivery rates, and lowering delivery costs.

Bringg’s personalized driver app enables onboarding new drivers, training them to deliver the products timely and safely. Smooth delivery balances custody management and improves driver performance while ensuring safety protocols like contactless delivery and hands-free mode. Fleet and Driver Management provides dispatchers with a unified dashboard to measure performance and confirm the delivery aligns with the prescribed schedule.

Fleet and Driver Management also offers real-time visibility on internal and external fleets on every mile—first, middle, and last. Its Logistics BI & Reporting feature monitors quantitative and qualitative driver performance for accurate payments and ratings. Real-time data acquired from time-based KPIs and customer feedback allows companies to improve driver performance.

Dispatching and routing are integral components of successful deliveries. Whether counting SLAs in minutes or days, advanced technology enables quick deliveries and simplifies complex routes. Bringg’s Dispatch & Route software enhances service speed and scalability. It optimizes delivery and routing for internal and external fleets’ scheduled and on-demand deliveries.

This software contains an AutoDispatch and Route Optimization feature that studies and remembers frequent choices, such as fleet, driver, order, and customer patterns, and automatically assigns a suitable fleet, generates the most efficient route, and suggests the right vehicle. It automates fleet selection and stops drivers from taking unsafe or unauthorized roads.

Bringg’s Salesforce software makes deliveries accessible to customers. It allows companies to choose from internal drivers, external delivery services, or customer pickup support with complete visibility and control. Its flexible delivery model supports personalized checkout experiences, delivers over 350 carriers to meet the growing demand, and creates an easy-to-navigate experience.

Salesforce increases cart conversion using various delivery options, such as drop-off pickup and offers estimated delivery dates for an enjoyable checkout experience. It conveniently fulfills and ships from stores and warehouses, regardless of the delivery model, and auto-books shipments, whether standard or custom. Additionally, it makes shipping from stores easier for employees by offering a unified view of upcoming pickups across internal and external delivery providers and customers.

With real-time tracking, customers can monitor real-time deliveries using live maps and communicate with the driver. They can also choose to receive hourly updates. Customers can book return slots from their shopping accounts and print self-generated return tickets. They can also book returns through customer support, wherein store staff sends return labels, views drop-off locations, and tracks return status.

Bringg has a diverse portfolio detailing its case studies. In one case, Bringg’s client, a retailer, faced a twenty percent dip in retail revenue in the first quarter of 2020 and partial retail closure in the second quarter. The global pandemic affected retail foot traffic and revenue, resulting in underwhelming delivery capacity, unsatisfied customers, unorganized manual labor, poor coordination, and a lack of visibility and scalability.

To help the retailer, Bringg offered its centralized platform that managed, automated, and streamlined multiple deliveries and fulfillment models. It delivered an incredible customer experience and improved digital sales.

Bringg’s platform provided end-to-end visibility and performance insights, generating safe and timely online orders. With Bringg’s assistance, the retailer noticed a sixty percent volume growth, a fifty percent decrease in delivery cost, and a 4.8/5 customer rating.