BTS – Inspired by Technology

In an era where connectivity is the cornerstone of global communication, the telecommunications industry has become the backbone of modern society. This dynamic sector constantly evolves to meet the ever-expanding digital needs of businesses and individuals worldwide. In this transformative landscape, BTS (Business Telecommunications Services) has emerged as a pioneering force, at the forefront of innovation and digital transformation in the telecommunications world.

With over two decades of experience, BTS is an innovative leader, bridging the gap between customers’ digital needs and global in-country operators. It offers a wide range of cutting-edge solutions to enhance the telecom experience for businesses worldwide.

In the telecom industry, innovation is the key to success. Our technology ensures that we can adapt to the ever-changing demands of the voice markets. We strive to simplify the complexities and enrich the user experience through our advanced solutions. — Rafael Olloqui, CEO and Co-founder

One of the core offerings from BTS is its Managed Services, which allow customers to focus on their core business operations while BTS takes care of their connectivity and telecommunications technological needs. By doing so, businesses can not only increase efficiency but also explore new revenue streams. This unique approach ensures that customers can invest their resources in enhancing their operations and, ultimately, their profitability.

BTS’s tech-driven approach has led to a suite of tools for operator cost management. Their all-in-one platform integrates switching, routing, fraud prevention, and billing, streamlining business processes with end-to-end automation for efficient deal handling, volumes, and dispute resolution.

BTS’s Fraud Management Solution proactively detects fraud with advanced reporting and custom alert systems. Its continuous learning approach involves AI modules in constant improvement, analyzing vast data to identify potential fraud and swiftly respond by blocking suspicious activities.

BTS excels with limitless routing changes per minute, enabling swift adjustments to routing strategies. Their routing optimization, driven by complex algorithms and historical data analysis, achieves an optimal balance between cost and quality. Real-time solutions oversee network performance, customer experience, billing assurance, and profitability, ensuring adaptability to evolving customer needs.

Another highlight of BTS is its #CloudNumbering, which simplifies numbering management on a global scale through customized API functionalities, It addresses the challenges posed by regulations, restrictions, and local governments, enabling enterprises to achieve a global presence at the flip of a switch.

Moreover, BTS offers integrated UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solutions to its customers. This includes toll-free non-geographical numbers, mobile DIDs for secure two-way communications, SIP trunking for global PSTN replacement, local number access for customers, shortcode management, 10DLC (10 Digit Long Code) services, alphanumeric options, and 1800 text-enabled numbers. These offerings allow businesses to engage with their customers in a manner that suits their specific needs and preferences.

In the realm of Digital Voice, BTS excels through the utilization of advanced technology and AI-powered processes, coupled with a vast IPX mesh and global connectivity. With over 20 years of experience in the voice business, BTS, along with its group companies, serves as a key player in the international voice traffic market. They boast a network of over 400 direct partners, covering more than 85% of the world’s population, providing the extensive coverage required to deliver high-quality routes to meet the global communication needs of their partners.

To maintain a premium customer experience, BTS deploys state-of-the-art technology to handle over 18 billion minutes annually, ensuring the highest quality in the industry.

BTS is a global telecommunications enabler, known for innovation and technology-driven solutions. It empowers businesses to focus on their core operations while BTS handles telecom needs. With a commitment to simplicity and exceptional customer experiences, BTS is positioned to lead in the ever-evolving telecom landscape, offering competitive, customizable solutions.