Carnegie Learning- K-12 Education Solutions provider

The advent of digitalization in the education sector has irrefutably catapulted the industry to newer heights. However, without proper awareness and knowledge, schools, educators, and students feel overwhelmed with the influx of emerging digital and print solutions that, instead of having a meaningful impact on learning, yield complex, counterproductive results. As a leading innovative EdTech company, Carnegie Learning builds and delivers research-proven products and services to reinforce a positive change in student learning and empower educators.

Leading the charge in digital innovation, Carnegie Learning leverages technology to reinvent the classroom experience. With AI-powered solutions, the company delivers immersive and personalized learning experiences that allow students to forge a deeper connection and develop a comprehensive understanding of concepts, shaping them into lifelong learners. Carnegie Learning is at the forefront of digital transformation in education, creating an environment that fosters continuous learning and improves student performance.

Carnegie Learning doesn’t merely modify the classroom; it transforms it into a realm providing new opportunities for real-time assessment, intervention, immersive content, and hyper-personalized learning. Carnegie Learning designs solutions and services for math, ELA, world languages, and high-dosage tutoring with the latest AI technology—its flagship product, MATHia, is proof of that.

MATHia is a state-of-the-art product that provides students with a personal math coach who adjusts according to every action they take in the software and helps them progress. The pandemic significantly lowered student engagement in classrooms, negatively impacting their performance. Carnegie Learning believes in cultivating an environment that balances play and learning and promotes this belief through MATHia Adventure, a hands-on lesson, game-based software designed with the help of digital and print resources that turns math practice into engaging and meaningful play for grades K-5.

Carnegie Learning prioritizes the needs of both students and educators. With an overwhelming number of differentiated learning paths, MATHia Adventure stands at the intersection of play and pedagogy, motivating students to advance using game-based incentives. On the other hand, the EdTech company also equips educators with a digital tool that not only addresses the problem of teacher shortage but also ensures students receive high-quality education.

Carnegie Learning’s Patterns, an evidence-based virtual math professional development program for K–12 math teachers, seamlessly intertwines students’ and teachers’ learning and teaching curves. This program conducts live and on-demand online sessions that accompany math teachers throughout their educational journey. Patterns offers an adaptable and applicable approach to math professional development, fostering community.

With our long history harnessing the power of AI, we understand its potential and how to safely continue to evolve our product array to incorporate the most sophisticated technology to best meet the needs of the EdTech market. — Barry Malkin, CEO

Carnegie Learning has embarked on a journey of continuous innovation and product development and continues to release groundbreaking digital tools to reinvent the learning experiences of students and educators. With its LiveHint AI product, the company delivers a virtual tutor chatbot built on the Carnegie Learning Large Math Model to help students determine the best way to learn math. The company also designed ClearTalk, a speech recognition software to help students learn a new language. Carnegie Learning’s latest product, MATHstream, is the only adaptive, interactive video streaming program for grades 6-12 where a diverse set of certified math teachers deliver targeted instructions in an engaging, game-based environment. On-demand videos are available anytime, anywhere and help in instances of student or teacher absences.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Carnegie Learning has revolutionized the learning and teaching environment across continents, winning the CODiE Awards and EdTech Innovation of the Year awards. The EdTech company extended its services to Omaha Catholic Schools that teach over 19,000 students, helping Omaha teachers embrace customized professional learning.

After participating in Carnegie Learning’s tailored professional learning workshops and math professional learning academics, the district witnessed a phenomenal change in the learning system. Following the workshops, Ohama teachers adopted Carnegie Learning’s balanced teaching model to build conceptual understanding and procedural fluency and implement the best practices for K-12 math educators, helping them discover innovative and engaging math teaching methods.