Carrar – High-performance Thermal Management for eMobility

One of the leading battery technology solution companies, Carrar, believes in providing safe, extensive, and eco-friendly electric vehicles using unique and cost-effective thermal management methods. With a gradual and increasing shift towards adopting electric vehicles (EVs) to reduce the consumption of and dependence on cars that run on gas due to ecological concerns, it is necessary to tackle the challenges surrounding electric vehicles, which Carrar wishes to address.

With its innovative and new thermal management system (TMS), Carrar has found a solution for challenges usually encountered while using electric vehicles, such as cost of ownership, charging speed, battery life, safety, speed and acceleration enjoyment, and aftermarket usage. Its thermal management technology is a radical two-phase solution that combines immersion and direct-touch methods to optimize battery cells and normalize the temperature. The thermal management approach provides a single system for the entire vehicle, including its battery, inverter, motors, powertrain, etc. Additionally, the new technology provides safety, which is often a notable concern in the EV market. It enhances battery life and prevents thermal overload and fire hazards.

Within three years of its launch, Carrar has already found and created ways to rectify the trends influencing the battery tech space. One such trend is the transition to a vertical market. Transiting to the vertical market leads to complete in-house battery manufacturing and integration on the Original Equipment Manufacture’s (OEM) end. Carrar’s thermal management technology wins the car manufacturer’s approval, forms a significant partnership, and creates an eco-friendly network. The second crucial trend is the transition to technologies that enable extremely fast charging, such as new battery chemical methods and high-power charging slots. By collaborating with top cell manufacturers, Carrar provides a way to allow fast charging without affecting the battery life.

Carrar’s mission is to enable safe, pervasive, and greener electric vehicles by providing innovative knowledge mastering the two-phase thermal phenomena, building mature and cost-effective two-phase thermal management solutions,” said Avinoam Rubinstain, CEO of Carrar.

Carrar’s two-phase TMS enables a way to maintain and optimize the battery life by doubling it, setting the ideal temperature, allowing fast charging within five minutes, and parking in hot areas without degrading the battery life and quality. It balances phase-changing material to store thermal energy and provides end-to-end thermal management for the car. The thermal management system is a simple and low-pressure and operates without a chiller, making it lightweight. Carrar’s two-phase immersion cooling vision is convenient, effective, and involves a hassle-free installation process. Its thermal management technology regulates the temperature of battery cells during any operation and under any environmental condition.

Carrar’s TMS application has single-handedly tipped the scale in favor of purchasing EVs. In most cases, the apprehension regarding driving electric vehicles stems from concerns about battery quality and life. Easing car manufacturers’ worries about the warranty costs, slow charging speed, and the lack of support for the growing computing capacity and heat-dissipation requirements, Carrar’s thermal management tool has provided a single solution for all their concerns. Coming through with an effective fix for an EV’s low aftermarket usage, Carrar provides a reasonable cost of ownership and adds value to the car in the aftermarket.

Carrar’s two-phase TMS has provided manufacturers and consumers with a simple solution to improve their experience in the battery tech sphere. It has worked with leading battery cell vendors and provided them with a method that enables ultrafast charging – full battery charge, from 0% to 100%, within six minutes. It has also collaborated with leading OEMs, luxury EVs, and a leading Tier 1 to increase battery life, maintain battery quality, and enable fast charging.

To enhance electric vehicles, promote green travelling mediums, and provide a safer and more pervasive way to travel, Carrar’s two-phase thermal management technology has put the automobile company several steps in the field of battery technology. Its reliable, authentic, tested, and effective system has made handling cars easier for OEMs, created an extensive network, and helped improve the ecosystem and eMobility.