CBORD – The Leader in Creating Optimized Campus Experiences

Food service management entails a slew of responsibilities that center around administering a restaurant’s day-to-day operations. Food service managers are required to supervise employees to ensure that their clients have a pleasant experience. They oversee corporate operations and evaluate food costs to ensure a profitable return on investment.

To ensure a safe and lucrative food company, managing the day-to-day operations of the eatery necessitates a fundamental understanding of restaurant management. This is where CBORD fills the gap. The company has a lot to offer, with multiple solutions ranging across various domains within and beyond the dining industry.

CBORD’s food service software helps managers review and validate menus to meet the fluctuations in service concepts. This approach is often taken to steer restaurant offerings away from self-service and toward employee-served meals and prepared grab-and-go choices.

CBORD claims that using its solutions clients can reduce waste and gain a clearer understanding of inventory turnover by using built-in capabilities that support lean procedures. CBORD’s value-added solutions ensure that the dining institutions can prepare and analyze daily and weekly reports to identify overproduction, waste, menu financial performance, cost of products sold, and inventory activity to close any gaps and precisely estimate the future.

While these advantages apply to every campus food service setting, each company has its own set of interests and objectives. And CBORD understands the veins of the industry better than any of its competitors. Or at least, its service offering narrates a similar tale. For instance, using CBORD’s integrated technology solutions, companies and on-campus catering service providers can run a lean food service program. To keep a great dining program in the new COVID-19 normal, using CBORD’s smart tools can yield maximum benefits when it comes to menu planning, food preparation, and ongoing evaluation.

This all required innovation and vision, which CBORD has plenty to offer. In a recent interview, CBORD president Jim Hoefflin said, “Since we launched mobile credentials in 2019 with iPhone and Apple Watch, students and schools have loved the contactless technology for its convenience and security. In light of COVID-19, the desire for contactless technology across campus is driven by a new level of urgency to reduce the passing of physical cards. The support of Android mobile credentials further extends the contactless experience across the student population.”

To run an efficient food service operation, it is becoming crucial to use an integrated, cutting-edge technological system. Be it menu and recipe planning, nutrition analysis, food preparation, to name a few, everything is made easier with CBORD’s smart tools.

The organization has also gained its reputation for bringing cutting-edge technology to the table that enables its clients to maintain a great employee eating program using smart tools that aid constant quality review.

Every campus food service program needs to be driven by lean processes in today’s changing environment. Budget constraints, lower revenue from café closures, and supply chain difficulties are making it impossible to keep some things in stock for many groups. Using CBORD’s smart tools, dining companies can strengthen their process and ensure a top-notch experience for the end-users.

CBORD has been attempting to transform the centuries-old dining industry. But how did all of it start? Well, the company was founded in 1975. It has been over four decades of their existence now. And it seems that the company has fully utilized its talents and realized its vision. For instance, today, it has grown into one of the world’s leading providers of integrated technology solutions for institutions, corporations, and healthcare facilities.

CBORD’s vast clientele consists of more than a whopping 10,000 organizations in not only the United States of America and Canada, but also across South Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand. Team members within CBORD are one with the company’s vision. They are dedicated to designing and supporting world-class products that increase the organization’s clients’ operating performance and competitive advantages.

From the first computer networks to biometric identification and the cloud, CBORD has successfully pushed the boundaries of developing technologies to improve its clients’ operations over the years. As the company mentioned, it is excited and motivated to fix its customers’ problems and keep looking for new answers in an ever-changing world.

CBORD, as mentioned above, operates across a plethora of sectors within the food service operations. This includes higher education, healthcare, elder living, and commercial campuses. The company’s cutting-edge technology powers housing, access, food service, nutrition, commerce, and card systems. CBORD understands the value of customer satisfaction and hence, it is dedicated to improving its customer experience.

Over the years, the company has continuously worked towards building a positive reputation in the market. It is worth noting that CBORD has achieved what it had visualized years ago. And that could not have been possible without the tremendous level of customer-centric approach that it undertakes while bringing state-of-the-art tech solutions to the market.

CBORD specializes in the development and deployment of innovative solutions that improve safety, accuracy, and satisfaction. Its service is enhanced by the fact that the company works closely with its users and business partners in order to cater to their personalized needs. CBORD has achieved its goals by adhering to a single, powerful motivating principle, which is “serving its user community”.

Industry pundits have been constantly discussing the need for an effective food safety management system for the excellent management of food safety procedures and the mitigation of any issues. Using a straightforward system that guarantees meeting standards and laws, has been the need of the hour. Interestingly enough, CBORD’s integrated solutions address the very issues that food service companies were afraid to manage even a few decades ago.

No one saw the pandemic coming and those who weren’t prepared perished. However, for CBORD, that did not seem to be the case. The company always appeared to have the right solutions ready at the perfect time. That is what defines a great organization. Thanks to its vision-rich and action-oriented board of directors, CBORD has and hopefully will continue to concrete its presence as one of the most innovative food service management companies to watch.