CC Integration – Powering Your Software with Tailored Hardware Solutions

The dynamic realm of technology integration is witnessing constant evolution, with industry players navigating through intricate trends and challenges. In this landscape, CCIntegration (CCI) establishes itself as a robust OEM partner in tandem with Dell Technologies. CCI’s prowess lies in delivering a unique suite of services, marking its presence in the competitive market.

As a Dell Technologies OEM partner, CCIntegration boasts access to extended life platforms that can be seamlessly tailored to customers’ brand and feature specifications. What sets CCI apart is its ability to customize and fulfill solutions globally using Dell products, a unique aspect within Dell’s channel program.

The range of services around Dell provided by CCI is comprehensive, encompassing branding services for servers, image loading, third-party peripheral validation, and global logistics. This strategic partnership aligns with the company’s vision to leverage Dell’s secure supply chain, ensuring compliance with Trade Agreements Act (TAA) standards. The anticipated Federal authorization is expected to catalyze CCI’s suite of services around Dell Technologies products, offering a secure and reliable solution for critical government projects.

At CCIntegration, we do more than put your software in a box. We deliver solutions that meet your customer’s needs—quickly, easily, and transparently—every time, everywhere.— Anna Hung, CEO

Unlike competitors focused solely on selling servers, CCI takes a consultative stance in product development, considering product design, manufacturing at scale, supply chain assurance, global logistics, and product lifecycle management.

CCI has adeptly navigated the evolving trends in the OEM Server/Storage and Technology space, encompassing manufacturing appliances and rack integration solutions based on Dell platforms. This comprehensive approach positions the company to capitalize on the burgeoning trend of AI at the edge. The deployment of complete racks with configurations featuring NVIDIA-enabled servers and networking reflects CCI’s readiness to embrace and cater to the demands of this evolving landscape. The solutions provided by CCI run the gamut from individual appliance servers to fully integrated rack solutions, ensuring seamless deployment for clients.

Global logistics presents a significant hurdle with changing customs requirements in various countries. CCI steps in to handle these intricacies of logistics, leveraging Dell’s global regulatory compliance to streamline the process for its clients, eliminating the need for them to become regulatory experts.

One standout product segment for CCI is its Ready-to-Deploy rack solutions. With a focus on AI at the Edge and similar applications, CCI’s integrated racks provide a streamlined, quality-controlled experience. The meticulous process, from designing the rack and scanning serial numbers for a comprehensive ‘Birth Certificate’ to custom packaging and white-glove shipping, ensures a hassle-free experience for clients globally.

In 2023, CCI expanded its footprint by opening two new facilities. With a focus facility in Plano, TX, and an enlarged facility in San Jose, CCI addresses rack integration and secure supply chain needs. A third facility in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, caters to EMEA region services. Furthermore, significant investment in IT infrastructure, including the in-house factory automation tool ‘Talon,’ showcases CCI’s commitment to technological innovation.

CCI proudly holds certification as a Women Owned Business (WENBC), underlining its commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Furthermore, the company’s achievements are underscored by prestigious recognitions such as the CRN Fast 150 and Solutions Provider 500 awards for 2023, highlighting CCI’s continued success and industry leadership.

.As Dell shifts more business to partners, CCI’s existing services around Dell’s technologies position it favorably. Educating Dell sales teams about CCI’s capabilities and quick adaptation to evolving service requirements solidifies the company’s stance as a key player in the Dell Partners ecosystem.

CCIntegration’s success is not just rooted in technology but deep dives into understanding and solving clients’ problems through its end-to-end solutions to overcome logistical challenges and deliver quality experiences. Its roots as an agile integrator and its experienced leadership make it a reliable home for solutions based on Dell Technologies, offering a unique blend of expertise, global reach, and client-focused solutions that continue to propel the company to new heights.