CDS – Data Center Intelligence, Expertise & Support

Technology demands and software support requirements alter as a company grows. With new business requirements comes new technology infrastructure, which puts pressure on IT to support both new and old systems. This is where Multi-Vendor Services (MVS) come into play. CDS is the most complementary Multi-Vendor Service partner to leading data center infrastructure providers.

CDS’ mission is to assist companies in preparing for today’s realities and tomorrow’s opportunities. It continues to push the boundaries of seamless multi-vendor support, providing clients with the data center assistance they need to accelerate their digital journeys. CDS services range from remote technical support to data destruction and decommissioning and everything else in between.

Today, data center administrators are more likely to battle with longer delivery delays that are connected to shortages in the components needed to construct and update data center systems – storage, server, and network equipment. This is due to the combination of a talent shortage and supply chain problems that are now putting a lot of stress on availability of technology components. With new technology refreshes delayed, CDS multi-vendor services can help bridge the gap, supporting older systems during extended migration windows.

CDS works with the largest OEM partners in data centers all around the world, extending the useful life of customers’ current infrastructure. It is the most advanced, comprehensive, and complementary MVS partner, offering complete client support.

CDS works directly with OEMs to make sure clients get the service they need, when they need it. CDS is able to deliver maintenance services that customers require to keep mission-critical components operational while also drastically decreasing expenses thanks to its proprietary Raytrix MVS platform. Raytrix MVS delivers a comprehensive set of monitoring and support features to a variety of OEM hardware platforms, including midrange to high-end storage, as well as leading server and networking devices.

The CDS Raytrix MVS platform offers a complete support service to businesses whose infrastructure’s performance, dependability, security, and efficiency are critical to their success.

Remote technical assistance, field engineering, worldwide supply chain and logistical support, data center management, data destruction, and asset decommissioning are some of the services it offers. Raytrix MVS is revolutionizing how enterprises think about Multi-Vendor Services.

Post-warranty assistance is also one of CDS’ primary areas of focus. CDS understands that the expiration of an original warranty or the end of a system’s service life do not necessarily mean the end of a product’s usable life.

CDS had a record year in 2021, in large part due to their strong relationships with leading OEMs. Customers prefer – and benefit from – a harmonious relationship between service providers and OEMs, so they can rely on both to keep their IT environments modern and robust enough to support their business’s growing needs. Rather than competing with key OEM infrastructure suppliers, as Third-Party Maintainers (TPMs) do, CDS has formal relationships with them.

CDS is the most sophisticated MVS partner simply because it is so dedicated to providing businesses with outstanding customer-centric experiences. Its service delivery methodology is based on a solid technology foundation via Raytrix MVS and over 30 years of experience in global data centers.

“The next few years will see a continued increase in global awareness of Multi-Vendor Services as an ideal option for data center management, efficiency, and continuity. CDS will continue to enrich its capabilities and its alliances,” says Dan Newton, CEO.

For OEMs, partnering with CDS allows them to deliver services for all phases of the data center infrastructure lifecycle. Everything from onboarding through warranty conversion to end-of-life and decommissioning is covered by it. For end users, they get peace of mind working with their trusted infrastructure provider.

CDS focuses on delivering value and maximizing returns on investment, as well as unlocking expenditure to help businesses save money throughout the data center.