CDW – Business IT Solutions & Services Company

As one of the leading technology solutions and services providers, CDW Corporation is on a mission to transform the information technology landscape. The current information technology sphere requires companies to access new and creative solutions that accelerate their growth. CDW develops, manages, and deploys tools and services to assist its clients and customers in excelling in competitive and fast-paced environments.

In today’s day and age, where technology plays a central role in reforming various sectors, everything — such as computer devices, software, and cloud-based platforms to store data — needs a digital infrastructure that organizes multiple business operations. CDW builds applications that optimize and enhance its client’s goals, such as automation, monitoring, and managing functions, to ensure their company runs smoothly. Keeping its customers’ requirements at the forefront, CDW Corporation provides applications and services to support business endeavors.

Launched in 1984, CDW develops IT solutions, including hardware and software applications, to support government organizations, the education sector, financial services, retail, and healthcare systems. Using tools, CDW aims to increase security, boost cloud operations, strengthen the hybrid work mode, and improve the digital experience. CDW employs its experience, expertise, and industry partnerships and connections to provide long-term end-to-end solutions to help organizations manage their operations.

With its headquarters in Illinois, USA, CDW provides its services to companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. It aims to use its tools to combat the various trends affecting the present information technology space, such as adapting to remote work, obstacles in digital commerce, and redundancy in business growth and continuity. CDW’s personalized services offer assistance in digital mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), online collaboration, migration to cloud-based systems, and safe and secure online navigation, which cater to companies and their specific needs and requirements.

The thing is, while technology is fuelling our future, it’s very complex to orchestrate, and that’s where CDW comes in. We simplify the complexity for our customers to optimize their return on their technology investment. What we do simply is harness the promise and power of technology to ignite the world to excellence,” said Christine A. Leahy, President and CEO of CDW Corporation.

CDW provides the perfect solution to organizations by studying and observing their current workspace, working environments, and operations to ensure digital integration on a long-term scale. CDW’s analytics solutions develop a data strategy to identify a company’s data culture, such as data literacy, operations that require data applications, on-site and virtual examinations, and data accessibility. With data multiplying, it is crucial to identify and incorporate a relevant data set to solve problems and increase workplace productivity.

With the help of its IT operational analytics applications and team, CDW implements strategies like machine learning to identify and eliminate vulnerable points in live and pre-recorded data to gain accurate real-time insights. CDW’s IT analytics allows businesses to troubleshoot transaction issues, correlate and cross-examine data across multiple platforms, manage traffic, and monitor and optimize data for capital usage.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) handle an organization’s business goals, and CDW’s AWS discusses business strategies, provides expert support and develops further actions. Amazon Web Services offer cost-efficient solutions by decreasing or removing infrastructure costs, increasing staff productivity by delivering highly-qualified teams for business projects, boosting operational resilience by reducing sudden outages, and enabling new features in the market. Additionally, CWD’s AWS allows customers to track and fix security gaps, compute storage, cut budgeting costs, and receive invoices and net payment terms.

CDW Corporation’s cybersecurity solutions offer secure remote work navigation. Due to the rapid and sudden migration to remote operations, companies experienced data hacks and breaches. They had cybercriminals leaking their software and hardware information due to the lack of proper security. CDW provides tools and services that strengthen cybersecurity and enable a swift and effective digital network to monitor workspace environments, create secure solutions to prevent compromised data, and enhance lifecycle management.

Gaps in cybersecurity threaten confidential and sensitive data files. CDW’s cybersecurity experts implement tools like firewalls and encryption applications to create a top-notch security system using multiple safety measures and solutions. With CDW’s cybersecurity solutions, organizations can verify people, devices, and software, improve visibility, detect threats, control data accessibility, and establish an authentic and resilient cyber response program.

With its data center solutions, CDW prepares an efficient data center to allow your information to increase in a manageable and organized manner. The US-based company’s solution enables power and cooling of data centers per specific infrastructure needs, creates a server room technology to support small and high-density servers, and allows data backup and recovery tools.

CDW provides various services alongside its solutions. Its configuration services provision devices for multiple operating systems, support project management, give BIOS updates and enable hard drive encryption, asset tagging, and data reporting. CDW’s configuration services include work-from-home solutions, windows imaging, and assisting Android, Apple, and Chromebook OS.

With its data services, CDW enables organizations to modernize their data storage platforms per the industry’s ever-changing needs and requirements. CDW’s connections with various vendors allow companies to accomplish their database goals, identify business needs, and develop and incorporate new data-based platforms.

Another key service that CDW provides is developmental services. Companies require the right and appropriate software to stay ahead in today’s competitive industry. CDW’s developmental services add new functions to existing applications, optimize digital strategies, and create personalized applications catering to individual business and project needs.

CDW Corporation’s infrastructure services strengthen and maximize an organization’s IT system. These services reduce execution time, save costs, and allow companies to implement their resources into designing innovative business projects. CDW’s on-site, hybrid, and cloud-based services develop a scalable infrastructure with end-to-end solutions on all platforms.

With its workspace services, CDW allows employees to pick their preferred work mode and provides them access to company resources anywhere and anytime. Workplace services equip employees with device mobility, enabling them to run business processes swiftly, efficiently, and conveniently. The technology solutions provider builds a modern and productive communication platform that helps its clients thrive in a dynamic and competitive environment, migrate to cloud servers, and operate on a safe and secure network.

CDW has used its tools and services to transform the operations of multiple customers and organizations. A national law firm, Cantor Colburn, worked with CDW to improve its business operations. The law firm works with various clients, including product inventors and trademark holders, and deals with sensitive and confidential data. However, Cantor Colburn was concerned with the rise in cybersecurity threats and data breaches. To increase its IT security, Cantor Colburn worked with CDW to create cybersecurity solutions that analyzed security gaps, reviewed security controls, and conducted a test run to test its networks.

The multi-brand provider company examined the law firm’s technical environment, systems, provision policies, and technologies to identify and recognize threats. Its gap assessment catered to Cantor Colburn’s needs, such as conducting thorough interviews, asking questions, and creating solutions to improve the firm’s processes and IT systems. With the help of CDW’s solutions, Cantor Colburn strengthened its cybersecurity without purchasing additional post-assessment systems and spending extra costs.

CDW is a solutions and services provider that implements tools, solutions, and services designed for an organization’s personalized technological needs and preferences to accelerate risk management, increase security, and enhance workplace productivity.