Centric Software – Award-Winning PLM, Planning and Pricing Solutions

As the retail sector evolves, demands for streamlined processes, reduced costs, and maximized profitability intensify. Centric Software’s Concept to Customer Platform stands out as a flexible and scalable digital foundation, optimizing every step of bringing a product to market.

Centric Software’s flagship offering, Centric PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), is at the forefront of consumer goods solutions, aimed at transforming product development by reducing costs, accelerating time to market, and fostering collaboration. Serving as the singular source of truth, Centric PLM connects the entire value chain, optimizing product go-to-market and retail performance. This modular, flexible solution addresses challenges across the retail journey, offering benefits in sourcing, research and development, planning, quality control, compliance, packaging and artwork, merchandising, design, and manufacturing and production.

Centric PLM emphasizes sustainability. This encompasses raw materials management, carbon footprint tracking, waste reduction, supply chain certification, social responsibility, and circularity. The platform’s innovation extends to its 100% go-live rate, agile deployment methodology, and data- and visually-driven approach, ensuring a swift return on investment and providing a comprehensive understanding of the retail landscape. With integrations with leading 3D design tools and an open-ended platform, Centric Software tailors solutions for businesses of all sizes, emphasizing agility and sustainability.

Centric Software builds product concept-to-launch technologies, crafting digital solutions for retailers, brands, and manufacturers to achieve maximum revenues, get closer to consumers, and boost efficiency. — Chris Groves, CEO

Centric Planning by Centric Software transforms merchandise planning and assortment development for omnichannel retail demands. The cloud-native platform synchronizes teams, minimizes siloed workflows, and ensures faster reporting. With efficient omnichannel assortment planning, reduced discounting, and minimized stock holding, Centric Planning excels in meeting customer demand. Trusted by over 12,800 brands, it is a cornerstone for brands and retailers in the dynamic retail planning landscape.

Centric Pricing, an AI-driven solution by Centric Software, empowers businesses with pricing intelligence, competitor benchmarking, and trend forecasting to optimize product decisions and boost revenues. Offering a 360° view of the market, it eliminates manual data collection challenges, providing real-time insights into competitor strategies, consumer trends, and buying behavior. Key features include competitive assortment analysis, understanding market trends, tracking competitor inventory investments, and leveraging insights to develop the right products and maximize margins. Additional features like consumer trend reports, real-time market response, competitive benchmarking, and precise SKU matching enhance decision-making. Centric Pricing is powerful, fast, and user-friendly, offering a comprehensive view of products, high-quality data transparency, and effective data visualization, making it a strategic choice for businesses navigating the dynamic retail landscape.

Centric Software offers Centric Visual Boards to revolutionize collaboration and decision-making by integrating real-time data into a single, visual workspace. Key features include building organizational agility through scenario exploration, enhancing the ROI of existing systems with system-agnostic data integration, improving efficiency by connecting teams visually, accelerating speed in assortment planning, and boosting team satisfaction with intuitive tools. Achievements include faster buy sessions and assortment creation, significant time savings, and reduced travel costs. Visual Boards empower teams across planning, design, merchandising, buying, and sales to work more visually, driving productivity and efficiency in response to consumer demand.

The cloud-based Centric SMB solution by Centric Software is designed for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). Offered on a subscription basis (SaaS), Centric SMB brings the power of advanced PLM technology to SMBs, enabling them to accelerate product development, increase profitability, and enhance operational efficiency. With Centric SMB, businesses gain access to cutting-edge tools and industry expertise, leveling the playing field with global brands.

Centric Software helps drive rapid returns on investment with a deep understanding of the dynamic retail landscape. As industries evolve, it remains a trusted partner, propelling businesses toward efficiency, collaboration, and success in the ever-changing market.